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Thursday, 10th October 2019
Kimble Applications, the global leader in professional services automation (PSA), announced today that it tops the G2 Momentum Grid for PSA for Fall 2019 by a wide margin. Kimble, the only vendor ranked as a leader in every market-size segment, also scores highest among leading vendors on the independent review site’s Fall snapshot grids for customer satisfaction and employee adoption. Kimble is also top for return on investment - 14 months, compared to FinancialForce’s 20 months and Netsuite’s two years.
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By partnering with Capgemini, Baker Hughes, a GE company implements an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that transforms shop floor processes and the Manufacturing Execution System.
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Central London - Friday 8th November 2019 - Accelerate your career - tailored specifically around increasing new client wins, this event is designed to allow you to progress your career and increase your success in selling consulting services.

Courses throughout October&November - want to become expert at generating new client leads for your consulting practice? Limited places available, register today.

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24 October - London
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We're a rapidly growing, award-winning transformational consultancy. While we're passionate about designing and delivering successful transformation at the highest levels of industry, we're equally passionate about developing our team. Get in touch for an informal coffee chat with a senior team member.

A successful, innovative and fast-growing consultancy proudly providing HR solutions and services, gathering essential skills and honing methodologies to deliver for our clients in many leading industries. We specialise in the provision of consultancy solutions to our public and private sector clients including HR-Strategy and Transformation, Organisational Design, Workforce Planning and Strategic Change Management.
Sometimes in all the talk about digital workplaces, it is forgotten that many enterprises are still struggling with the journey from traditional to digital enterprise. Digital transformation, though, is big business and many technology heavyweights have thrown their hat into the ring to catch a piece of the $250 million market.

In a world overflowing with siloed petabytes of data, understanding can come only with data analytics that are seamless and all-pervasive. Having access to all the data at every point in time leads to insights and drives powerful outcomes that make the difference between good and great.

At Arca Blanca, we are building a new kind of consulting business that will give clients the best they can get from our industry. Using proprietary data-driven decision support tools and leading thinking in business model design, innovation and implementation, we accelerate the delivery of results and ensure our clients are in control of their growth agenda.
  • Just 46% of clients say they get more in value than they pay in fees from their tax advisors
  • Technology companies could put intense pressure on tax advisory firms if they don’t get to grips with the innovation problem

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    Five steps to making business change stick
    Change management can be an amorphous concept and capability in business operations. It incorporates training, communications, stakeholder engagement, staff coordination, new ways of working and much more. And it’s rooted in organisational culture. (BY: Jenna Phillips, Edward Wallace & Michelle Aiyanyor of PA Consulting)

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