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Key Facts About the Roles of Wi-Fi 6, 5G in IoT, Edge Era

News Image Enterprise IT is quickly becoming a data-centric and widely distributed environment that includes the soon-to-be tens of billions of connected, intelligent devices. This will make up the internet of things and generate petabytes of data, multiple public and hybrid clouds and modern applications using such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics.

Putting Your Employees at the Centre of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

News Image CISOs are facing a perfect storm when it comes to securing their networks. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated just as corporate networks are becoming more distributed and complex – all while security talent becomes harder to find and security strategy best practices evolve.

PA Consulting Group Creating a railway for 2050

News Image What does the future of rail in the UK look like? The answer depends on how far into the future you look. If the Williams Review is as penetrating as we expect, the coming year has the potential to radically kick start the change in the way our railways are run. However, will that be radical change for today, for the next five years, or for the next 30?