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PwC PwC UK unveils bumper partner promotions round as it shakes up top team

News Image Audit firm PwC UK has promoted 69 to its equity partnership and shaken up its top management team, it said today. The number of promotions mark a 27 per cent increase on the previous year when the firm elevated 54 to its equity ranks.The firm also hired 13 partners during the course of the year, taking its partnership to 944.

Forbes Zero Trust: The Modern Approach To Cybersecurity

News Image Security strategy begins with an attitude: Never trust, always verify. The conventional notion of the enterprise perimeter—imagining it as one big bubble to be protected—is now thoroughly outdated in a world where infiltration can be accomplished via a staggering number of devices and applications, either already in the network or soon to join it.

KPMG New KPMG Report: Why Current Gender Norms Handicap Female Leaders

News Image Most senior women executives feel that their behavior is perceived differently from men especially as they get closer to C-level positions. They are painfully aware that certain behaviors are seen as positive when exhibited by men but are viewed unfavorably when it is a women in charge. These findings are part of a report released today by KPMG entitled “Advancing the Future of Women in Business.”

IBM IBM, Orbs, ConsenSys Work Together On Global Blockchain Settlement Platform For Telecoms

News Image The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), which is a network of leaders from the world’s largest wholesale carriers, announced Monday the launch of a blockchain-based platform. Known as the Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), this will revolutionise the ICT Service Provider industry’s commercial settlement infrastructure, representing an opportunity worth billions to the global industry.

Strategy& Auto industry growth strategies: Fasten your seatbelts

News Image The global auto industry is always in flux, as new models and designs alter the shape and performance of automobiles. Nonetheless, few periods in automotive history match today’s pace of change. Over the next five to 10 years, five trends will dominate, and each will carry with it specific challenges that auto industry executives will have to confront.

PA Consulting Group PA Consulting patent paves way for Point of Care testing

News Image Innovation and transformation consulting firm PA Consulting has been granted a US patent for its Point of Care (PoC) testing platform. PoC testing refers to medical testing carried out at the time and place of patient care, as opposed to a laboratory, which requires samples to be collected and sent away, resulting in prolonged wait times and potential delays in appropriate care.

Microsoft How AI and satellites are used to combat illegal fishing

News Image Fishing is a way of life for coastal communities around the world. An estimated four million fishing vessels sail the world’s oceans, providing fish for a global seafood market valued at over $120 billion. To manage overfishing, OceanMind is using the power of AI to map data and then feeding that information to government authorities to help catch perpetrators