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Forbes Prognosis For Health Care IoT: Six Predictions For 2019

News Image There will be an estimated 14.2 billion connected devices in use this year, and roughly 161 million devices will be cropping up in hospitals, clinics and medical offices by 2020. While security issues with any connected device are concerning, they are particularly troubling for an industry that has such a direct impact on patient safety and lives.

Banks are playing catch-up in the big-data game

News Image With advances in data analytics, machine-learning models and the creation of vast amounts of data, there has been an explosion in model development and deployment across every industry — financial services is no exception...

Cognizant Modernizes EmblemHealth Legacy Systems

Cognizant has announced its work with New York City based health insurance provider EmblemHealth, one of the largest non-profit health insurers in the U.S., to consolidate all of its applications and operations using Oracle Cloud Applications.

Hitachi Consulting Europe Regulation kept banks out of the cloud – Regulation will soon make cloud inevitable for banks

News Image With the typical “peak and trough” consumption pattern for risk and regulatory workloads, the commercial rationale behind moving to the cloud always existed. Until recently, however, regulation inhibited cloud adoption. This is changing fast. The major cloud vendors, including Google, now tick most (if not all) of the boxes mandated by regulators from a security, jurisdiction and privacy perspective.

Can blockchain solve data’s privacy problem?

News Image Businesses want data on their customers. Customers want to protect their privacy, and ensure their information isn’t being misused. The General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act in the United States are making efforts to protect personal data, but is there a better way?