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IBM IBM’s Watson AI is learning to understand nuance and context

News Image IBM is blazing a trail when it comes to how robots interact with humans. The company recently upgraded its Watson AI with a ‘Tone Analyzer’ service that allows it to understand nuance and tone of text. By analyzing word choice, emoji use, and context the AI is learning to understand how we talk to each other.

KPMG KPMG International and Microsoft joins hands for smart audit platform Microsoft Azure

News Image Partnered since 2015, KPMG International and Microsoft have recently announced strategic initiative of digital solutions that will enable KPMG’s smart audit platform, “KPMG Clara” – built on KPMG business experience and the Microsoft intelligent cloud technology “Microsoft Azure”. KPMG would be the first of the Big Four to enable its member firms to conduct external audits with Azure.

Unisys Bitcoin lessons from the California gold rush

News Image We’re at the beginning of another “Kodak moment” as the world shifts more and more towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As the world transforms, the lessons from the California gold rush may help you put your best foot (or shovel) forward.

ThoughtWorks How retailers can plug their business into social platforms and master social selling

News Image Disintermediation is rapidly fragmenting industries from retail to music to transport. With a sharing economy, asset-light business models and the trend of young consumers being happy to pay for access over ownership, structural barriers are coming down. There is aggregation of spare capacity across many markets which is empowering people to disrupt each other's businesses.

WIPRO 7 Digital Transformation Trends Impacting Business

News Image Digital Transformation is a Seismic Shift in the Business World Businesses are fighting to keep up with the ever-changing trends in technology. A flawless and smooth digital experience is the demand of consumers from every product vendor, business and brand they interact with. Companies that achieve this can benefit from brand loyalty and rapid growth.

Equiteq appoints senior level M&A specialist to support strong North American growth

The global consulting and IT services sector M&A specialist, Equiteq, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Einstein as Vice Chairman. Based in Equiteq’s New York office, Steven will advise and lead clients through both North American and Global transactions. With over 30 years of extensive corporate finance experience, Steven was most recently Chairman's Office Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP acting as the US and, at times, Global Head of Corporate Development and Inorganic Growth Strategy for the firm.

Eric Wilkinson appointed as Cambridge Consultants’ CEO

Alan Richardson will be retiring after 33 years with the company Product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants announces that Eric Wilkinson has been appointed CEO, effective from October 1st. The announcement follows Alan Richardson’s retirement after a proud career with the company. Richardson will support a smooth transition as Executive Chairman, before his subsequent departure at the end of the year.

Helping clients grow the top line: We need stories, not myths

Clients, faced with global economic uncertainty and political meltdown, know they can’t rely on cost cutting to survive. Yes, there’s always more that can be done, but most have spent decades doing so much that most future gains will be incremental, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research.....

PA Consulting Group Artificial intelligence, real value

News Image Science fiction writer William Gibson famously said that "the future is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed". He could easily have been describing the current state of AI and automation. While some companies are wholly built around machine learning, and sectors like financial services and online retail have used it for decades, others are still only scratching the surface.