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Microsoft AWS remains 'in a league of its own' as cloud market booms 40%

News Image Amazon remains ‘in a league of its own’ as a cloud provider, despite the rapid growth of key competitors Microsoft, Google and Alibaba. Third quarter data from Synergy Research Group shows Amazon Web Services ‘is still managing to nudge its market share upwards, despite increasingly intense competition’.

Moorhouse Consulting Blockchain and Banking: 2B or not 2B

News Image When you strip back the hype, blockchain is a form of database for recording digital transactions. Once entered, records become both permanent and immutable, creating an accurate and tamperproof history of transacted values – one of the reasons it has created so much interest, given the increasing focus on security...

AI Now 2017 Report

News Image Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are in a phase of rapid development, and are being adopted widely. While the concept of artificial intelligence has existed for over sixty years, real-world applications have only accelerated in the last decade due to three concurrent developments: better algorithms, increases in networked computing power and the tech industry’s ability to capture and store massive amounts of data.

Unisys The Ten Cybersecurity Commandments

News Image Cybersecurity Awareness Month is, once again, upon us. At its core is an issue that can have a massive impact on organizations in every industry, public and private, large and small: successful cyberattacks and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

PwC Inject VR /AR Into Your Marketing With PwC

News Image The virtual reality market will be worth £72 billion by 2021, in the UK entertainment and media sector alone, according to PwC reports. With the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industry continuing to grow and develop across the world, keeping up with it all can be a bit of a minefield.

PA Consulting Group How will HR change in the world of AI?

News Image The age of artificial intelligence is unfolding fast. Businesses are automating functions, from ordering parts and processing insurance claims, to maintaining machines and serving customers. They're seeing the chance to become more efficient and offer better service than the competition. For the board, it's a world of potentially rising revenues and bigger profits. But what about the people?

2016 proves to be a good year for Africa’s consulting market

2016 was a good year for Africa’s consulting market, with the continent’s 19 largest markets collectively growing 6.3 per cent to reach a total value of $2.19billion. This performance was achieved despite growth in GDP slowing in many African nations as economies continue to suffer because of low commodities prices and political uncertainty.