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The New Reality for Retailers

News Image There can surely be no question now that Amazon is the most important agent of disruption and change that the retail industry has ever seen. That reflects not just its scale and reach, but the way that it has changed fundamentally and forever how people want to shop, and the range of goods available to them – largely irrespective of where they happen to live...

In 2018, VR stopped “having potential” and started being real

News Image The VR industry has been through quite the tempest during the past few years. Despite all of these perceptual barriers and the artificial forces that have tried to compel a square peg to fit into a round hole, the industry finds itself neither in decline, nor in trouble — instead it’s thriving.

Digital Transformation Strategy Tip: Hire the Innovators

News Image For executives fretting about pursuing a successful digital transformation, here’s a thought: Hire the innovators.There’s plenty of pressure to pursue innovation and digital change with existing management and employees but bringing on innovators from the outside can help get the job done.

Forbes What Is Deep Learning AI? A Simple Guide With 8 Practical Examples

News Image There’s a lot of conversation lately about all the possibilities of machines learning to do things humans currently do in our factories, warehouses, offices and homes. While the technology is evolving—quickly—along with fears and excitement, terms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning may leave you perplexed

Afiniti win an IoIC Award of Excellence

Afiniti is pleased to announce that we’ve received an Award of Excellence at the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) Awards 2018, for the category of Best Change Communication.

Yes, the robots are coming, but no, that’s not bad news

News Image Anywhere the future of work is being thought about, debated, forecast, and fought over, there are conversations going on about the role automation is going to play. The primary question that shows up in virtually every conversation takes on many forms, but the gist is always the same—will the robots free us up for better jobs, or will they simply take our existing ones away?

PA Consulting Group Arm: Getting into shape for growth by switching to Agile working

News Image Technology business Arm has ambitious plans for growth. Named one of Europe’s most innovative companies by Forbes magazine, they design the microchips found in 90 per cent of all mobile devices. To achieve their goals they need an IT organisation that can deliver new projects quickly and reliably. They asked us to help transform their existing IT function. They wanted to replace their traditional project management culture with an Agile approach – and prioritise collaboration and creating value.

New paper explains AI’s role in talent acquisition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can radically improve employee selection processes - by enabling recruiters to assess many more applicants - but the basis of your selection decisions must be legally defensible, according to a new paper by assessment specialist cut-e.