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BearingPoint How our experts see the future of retail

News Image Given that the future of retail will be based on creating differentiated experiences that engage customers in specific ways, and that traditional retailers need guidance as to how to adapt, it is vital to understand the demographics of target groups and how they might respond to new ways of buying goods and services.

Accenture Growing the Digital Business: Spotlight on Internet of Things

News Image The Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing exponential growth fueled by decreasing costs in computing (especially sensors, bandwidth and processing), the proliferation of smartphones, ubiquitous connectivity, and the rise of cloud computing. Accenture explored the IoT in the most recent Accenture Mobility Research study, which provides insights on trends in how companies are using digital and mobile technologies.

Strategy& Innovation Accelerator

News Image Welcome to the Innovation Accelerator - your opportunity to understand your company's readiness to innovate and what it takes to create a stronger set of innovation capabilities.

Moorhouse Consulting What does the Government spending review mean for portfolio decisions?

News Image Government departments are set to lose £4 trillion in funding over the current period of parliament. How can those savings be found? With government spending expected to reach almost £750billion this financial year, and £4 trillion over the next four years, the Chancellor sees making savings in central government spending as critical in moving the government's budget from deficit into surplus.

Roland Berger is one of the Stars of 2016 among the Brands of the Century

Roland Berger's new brand strategy earns it a place as one of the Stars of 2016 in the latest edition of Brands of the Century. The book is a compendium issued every three years since 2002 by publisher "Deutsche Standards" and features profiles of the strongest German brands from a range of industry sectors and product segments.

OEE Future of Service

News Image OEE Consulting's annual conference at America Square in London was attended by over 160 people this year. Andrew Neil hosted the event and challenged the audience whether their businesses were ready to cope with the changes ahead.

Capgemini UK plc Why the Chief Information Officer is also becoming the Chief Innovation Officer:

News Image Today's global landscape is unrecognisable from that of a few decades ago. We're in a period of massive disruption, with developments occurring at phenomenal pace across every level of society and commerce. There are three key influencing factors one need to hold in mind when taking on the digital challenge, all of which are triggering major shifts in technology priorities and investments.

Enter The Orchestrator?

Clients want to have their cake and eat it. They regularly tell us that they’d like to use specialised firms, but in practice they tend to stick with larger ones (and the bigger organisation, the more likely this is) writes Fiona Czerniawska, co-Founder of Source.

"Digitization doesn't work without people"

Roland Berger supported Süddeutsche Zeitung's Economic Summit once again this year. Some 40 high-caliber speakers from business and politics met at Berlin's Hotel Adlon from November 18 to 21 to discuss and debate hot topics like digitization, leadership in complex times and how Europe's economic crises can be overcome.

CEB Five Steps to the Perfect Presentation

News Image Despite the valuable information they offer, finance presentations often fall flat. They tend to concentrate too heavily on reams of complicated data and fail to answer specific questions and concerns of the audience: the line managers and other business partners that must make decisions based on this data.

China: POEs take the spotlight

As China’s economy gradually settles into its “new normal” of more moderate growth, some of the big, foreign-based multinational corporations in the market—the very ones that global consulting firms followed here—have become a bit skittish about making further investments, writes BJ Richards at Source.

Convergys EMEA Ltd Convergys' Cormac Twomey describes what your customers want this Black Friday. Are you prepared for the demand?

News Image However, many British retailers were caught off guard last year by the huge demand from shoppers, with in-store staff and customer service channels struggling to cope. It's therefore vital that businesses prepare themselves, and, in particular, their customer service teams, not just for Black Friday but for the hectic holiday season that follows.

Microsoft Microsoft uses 'Minecraft' to teach your kid how to code

News Image You can get kids to do a lot if you promise them Minecraft. just ask parents who've watched their children race through chores to get some building time. And Microsoft knows this, too. It just released a tutorial for that uses Minecraft to teach the basics of computer programming.