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Employee job security increases

According to the latest release of the "Owner Managed Business (OMB) Barometer Index from Bank of Cyprus UK", small businesses report that the improved economic outlook is having a positive impact on their employees’ job security.

Leaving Our Troubles Behind

How bad was the financial crisis in the UK? It was much worse than in the US or the Eurozone on the current data. This is puzzling, as the epicentre of the crisis was the US while UK policymakers loosened more aggressively than their European counterparts.

In Italy: How to grow in a no-growth market

A client base full of cash-strapped, frequently immature, and mostly smallish businesses means that the Italian market can be a tough place for consultants even in the best of times, writes BJ Richards of Source.

Oliver Wight expand offering in German market

Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight EAME, are expanding their European operations - extending their Integrated Business Planning offering to DACH organisations through the launch of a German language website -

A constitution for change?

The Scottish referendum highlights a deficiency in our attitude to change, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James – we can’t agree on how to agree.