Consulting News

How to measure customer loyalty

Dominic Kitchin, founder of The Science of Buying, explains how businesses can measure their customer loyalty and why this is an important metric to understand.

Could an interim CEO turnaround Morrisons’ fortune?

A recent Guardian article entitled, “Wanted: new Morrisons CEO. Same as old one, but without the mistakes” talks about the recent removal of Dalton Philips as the company’s chief executive, writes Jason Atkinson, Managing Director, Russam GMS.

Pay Awards End 2014 at 2%

Pay awards in 2014 ended the year below where they started, with the median basic pay rise for UK employees standing at 2% in the three months to the end of December 2014.

No island is an island

Intertwined global supply chains mean that there can never be unequivocal answers to economic questions, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James, but being part of this interdependence is essential.