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In Troubled Times, UK Businesses Need to De-Risk Their International Growth

The UK economy trotted into recovery earlier this year, but times are currently tough worldwide. Global markets plunged last week, Germany, the Eurozone's star economy, faces the possibility of a recession and UK growth forecasts have been revised downward. Forecasting group EY Item Club estimates growth of 2.4% in 2015, a sharp fall from a previously expected 3.1%.

Five things you need to know to tackle maverick spend

As we enter the final quarter of the year, CPOs will be budgeting new cost savings to be realised during 2015, but rather than focusing on strategic sourcing, writes Jes Batting a management consultant at PA Consulting, they must turn their attention to taking control of their organisation’s maverick buying as a powerful source of new savings.

Marketing & Customer Service – A match made in heaven?

The marketing department might not have enough people to provide the human touch, but the contact centre certainly does – this begs the question of how the two departments could best work together in order to get the most out of their customers.

Stronger Supply Chains Could Boost Economy By £380BN - CBI

Potential for 500,000 new jobs across Britain’s regions Targeted action to revitalise domestic supply chains could inject £30 billion into the economy by 2025, creating more than half a million jobs across the United Kingdom, according to a new CBI report.

Accenture Tops GCC Thought Leaders

Accenture has risen to the top of the White Space Thought Leadership Rankings in the GCC and other emerging markets, ahead of Strategy &. Accenture was only firm in the ranking whose score for emerging markets material was higher than its score globally.

No better time to give something back

Only prosperity will allow Africa to create the infrastructure necessary to avoid future epidemics, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James; through Grow Movement, consultants have the opportunity to contribute directly to that development without personal risk.