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Hudson And Yorke How to successfully deliver a digital programme?

News Image The digital revolution, disruptive technologies and changing customer demands have forced organisations to rethink their customer engagement approach and business models. As a result forward-thinking organisations are actively exploring opportunities and potential solutions to take advantage of the latest information and communications technologies. This is a lot more than simply upgrading technology or completing a change management exercise.

PA Consulting Group The Future is Fluid

News Image Uncertainties and inconsistencies still plague the quest for excellence in talent management. And CEOs know that the current approaches are no longer delivering results. We believe it is time to take a fresh look at these techniques and tools and adapt them to match the reality of a volatile and uncertain world.

Pcubed Under New Management: Moving to a PMO Managed Service

News Image The PMO - the project, program, or portfolio management office - has gotten a bad rap. When you say, "PMO," to senior executives, they may envision the good, but what they often tend to get is the bad; an administrative function that moves paper around. When somebody in an organization asks, "How can we cut cost in this program?" they often think, "Well, we could probably get rid of that PMO. It's just useless overhead."

PricewaterhouseCoopers Majority of Companies are Planning Appraisals Rethink, finds PwC

News Image Employers and staff want more continuous and regular feedback. Two-thirds of large companies are considering revamping their appraisals process, with one in 20 looking to scrap formal evaluations entirely, PwC research has revealed. PwCs 2015 Performance Management Research revealed that more companies were focusing on creating a continuous feedback culture, rather than relying on once-a-year reviews.

PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC: Volatile prices – what does it mean for in the oil field services sector?

News Image In the past few months there has been a marked increase in potential restructurings in the oil and gas space as a consequence of depressed oil prices. We have already released a recording of our analysis of the oil and gas sector and we have now put together a video which takes a closer look at the impact of the drop in oil price for oil field services companies.

Cognizant Business Consulting 66% Millennials call their Millenials because they want to talk to a person. Are you talking?

News Image A digital disconnect has emerged between Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Millennials. That's unfortunate for CSPs since keeping Millennials happy and loyal is critical to their longterm viability. Our survey of 925 U.S. consumers found that Millennials are the toughest customer segment to please and the easiest to lose to competition.

Infrastructure and economic development: An interview with John Rice, director in McKinsey’s Taipei office.

Since joining GE in 1978, John Rice has worked all over the world in departments as diverse as auditing, power, finance, and transport. Based in Hong Kong, he leads the company’s global growth organization, which accounts for more than half of total revenues. In this interview with McKinsey’s Bill Wiseman, he talks candidly about the slowness of bureaucracy and the role of the private sector in encouraging sustainable growth.

Complete Content Marketing Funnel

This article is for you if… You are a consultant suffering from meeting fatigue. The reality for us as consultants is we give a lot of our value away by talking. We give away value privately during coffee conversations, lunch meetings, and free consultations.

CEB Consumers' positive feelings about their personal finances has translated into improved confidence in their providers

News Image American consumers feel more positive about their finances than at any time since 2012, according to CEB, (NYSE: CEB) the best practice insight and technology company. Data from the company's biannual Consumer Financial Monitor reveals that age and wealth groups that have until now struggled to fully participate in the recovery -- such as the less affluent and Millennials -- are trending up in their feelings about their personal finances, suggesting the economic benefits of recovery are being shared by a wider array of Americans.

Strategy& 2015 Oil and Gas Trends

News Image Leave the worrying about the highs and lows of oil prices to obsessed analysts and headline writers. That volatile aspect of the energy business is largely out of the control of industry leaders. Instead, oil and gas companies (producers or refiners) whose strategic future is still a puzzle should be asking a couple of simple questions, mostly divorced from the cost of oil: If both questions are adequately and, in some cases, fearlessly addressed, oil and gas companies should be able to forge a pathway for success, no matter how uncertain the prices for their products.

Pcubed How a change program focused on resilience can help protect your company from a cyber attack

News Image One of the largest risks faced globally by UK businesses today is the threat of a cyber-attack, which can impact a business' operational delivery, brand reputation, and financial value. It's a threat that's pervasive and symmetric in nature and one that can be introduced via a multitude of attack vectors, ultimately crippling a business and its ability to function (and, therefore, its brand). As industry has increased its requirement to exchange, analyse and exploit information, so has the cyber-criminal become increasingly innovative in delivering his attack. As a result it has finally become a topic for the boardroom.

Accenture Positioned as a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Finance and Accounting BPO Services 2015 Vendor Assessment

NEW YORK - Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been positioned as a Leader in International Data Corporation’s (IDC) inaugural “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Finance and Accounting BPO Services 2015 Vendor Assessment”. The report represents a vendor assessment including both qualitative and quantitative characteristics that define success in the Finance and Accounting (F&A) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services market.

Wipro Launches Open Data Center – Centre of Excellence

Bangalore, India- Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT), a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company today launched a first of its kind Open Data Center - Centre of Excellence (CoE) with the underlying theme of 'Software Defined Infrastructure' (SDI).

Wood Mackenzie Ltd While the world's largest growing energy market slows, a new sector is on the rise. Clean energy takes centre stage.

News Image Over the past year, the energy industry has been hit with the lowest commodity prices in over a decade. The price challenge is not a new one in such a cyclical industry, yet this time the downturn is different. Not only have factors like a shift in OPEC strategy or an economic recession come into play, but key long-term risks (flagged in Wood Mackenzie’s Risk Tracker earlier this year) are now coming to fruition and changing our perspective on future opportunities in the global energy market.

Molten Where should Change Management sit?

News Image Suzanne Rae, Principal Consultant from Molten shares her approach to developing internal change capability. Leading and managing change in organisations is a core competency of leaders and managers irrespective of what function they sit in.

Productized Services: 32 Examples of Scalable Consulting

Does every new client feel like starting over? Brian Casel said it well in this post when he said, “Every time a client approached me for a new project, we entered into a long, drawn-out discovery process, which included having multiple meetings, doing a needs analysis, writing a proposal, and laying out the costs.

Annual performance reviews a < good idea?

Edward Edgcumbe from Source writes, way back in 1966 – the only time the English football team has properly passed a performance review – The Frost Report ran a sketch that skewered the British obsession with class.

WIPRO Intel, Wipro Join Trade Group to Expand Markets for the Internet of Things

News Image The Internet of Things, touted by George Osborne in his budget speech as the next big thing, is getting increased backing in the consulting market. Intel and Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company, recently announced that they are joining the International M2M Council (IMC), a global trade association for the growing industry known as the Internet of Things (or machine-to-machine communications).

EY UK acquires Silicon Roundabout digital consultancy, Seren

EY UK has today announced its acquisition of Seren - a 60 strong digital consultancy based in Silicon Roundabout. Seren is a UK-based leader in international digital design and innovation of customer service and experience, which works with leading firms across a number of sectors, in particular, telecoms and financial services.

UK tech business activity for Q2 slowed down due to impact of Election and euro area uncertainties, finds KPMG report

The UK tech sector in the second quarter of 2015 signalled an overall slowdown in growth due to the impact of the General Election and euro area uncertainties, but at the same time, staff hiring intentions jumped to a survey-record high and tech companies signalled greater confidence about future workloads, according to the latest KPMG/Markit Tech Monitor UK survey.