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Deloitte 2019 Global life sciences outlook Focus and transform| Accelerating change in life sciences

News Image Strategic transformation is at the core of life science companies as they build new business models for the future. To accelerate change, focus will be on developing innovative and relationship-driven partnerships and creating real value for patients. Data is now the currency of life sciences, and mobilising data throughout the enterprise, transforming work, and using technology symbiotically will be fundamental to advancing digital transformation.

Brexit uncertainty impacts growth in UK consulting

• UK manufacturers spend over £1bn on consultants to deal with Brexit and Trump’s protectionism
• Growth in huge financial services market slows after MiFID II and GDPR deadlines pass
• Digital work accounts for almost half of UK consulting revenues...

Samsung and IBM Collaborate to Strengthen Blockchain Ecosystems

News Image During IBM's annual conference focused on technology and business, Samsung SDS announced it is continuing its collaboration with IBM in support of advancing Hyperledger Fabric, an open source cross-industry blockchain technology, with recent code contributions, research and a new white paper.

WIPRO Wipro's non-software businesses are ready for their moment in the sun

News Image Billionaires and their excesses are under attack around the world. But a quality widely associated with one of India's richest men, Wipro Ltd Chairman Azim Premji , continues to be frugality. Stories about his simple, frugal choices are as much part of corporate lore in India as is his storied entrepreneurial journey turning a Vanaspati business he took over at 21 upon the demise of his father into a global software services giant worth $25 billion today.

PA Consulting Group Inspiring The Next Tech Generation

News Image With Brexit looming, it has never been more important to ensure that the UK has a fresh supply of home grown talent in science, technology and engineering. But attracting qualified workers into the field isn’t always easy. In 2018 the STEM education and careers support organisation STEM Learning found the current shortfall of skilled workers in the UK STEM sector to number 173,000. This is estimated to cost our businesses an incredible £1.5bn per year in recruitment, temporary staffing, inflated salaries and additional training costs.

Wood Mackenzie Ltd Global offshore wind capacity will increase nearly sixfold over the next decade

News Image By the end of 2017, offshore wind had only been deployed commercially across seven markets, with UK and Germany accounting for 68 percent of the grid-connected capacity. However, according to a recent report from Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables, global offshore wind power demand will increase almost sixfold over the coming 10 years with projects deployed commercially across 18 countries by 2027.

Infosys Consulting Has India's Booming IT Industry Finally Plateaued?

News Image Infosys helped build India's booming tech industry.This large company in Bangalore employs 200,000 people and codes for companies as diverse as Nordstrom and Harley-Davidson. American protectionism is reducing the amount of offshoring that goes on in tech. Trump has made it harder for Indian tech workers to get H-1B work visas, and automation in India threatens to eliminate even more jobs.

Parts of audit work to go to tech firms, new report finds

The audit process, one of the most vertically integrated professional services left in today’s market, is being broken down into separate parts by audit clients, creating a huge opportunity for technology firms to enter the market, a new report finds today.