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The future of transformation: The importance of being all joined up

Consulting around business and digital transformation markets accounts for around a sixth of all consulting in the world today, fuelled by clients’ deep-rooted desire for fundamental change and technology that’s making new things possible. At the same time, we hear senior executives being increasingly concerned about the need to deliver concrete results. “Transformation is all very well in theory,” they tell us, “but we want more proof about what it can deliver in practice", writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research......

Deloitte Embracing Digital Risk In The Age Of Industry 4.0.

News Image The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is well underway and many physical assets and digital technologies are connected and interoperable through analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, cloud computing and the internet of things. Automation and decentralised decision making by cyber-physical systems are at the heart of this revolution. But with new opportunities come digital risks that will increase exponentially as Industry 4.0 proliferates.

WIPRO What Do Companies Like IBM, Infosys, Wipro Look For In A Data Scientist?

News Image In this data dominated era, it has become crucial to employ analysts who can turn all the raw data into actionable insight for a company. From Fortune 500 companies to a startup company, every company have realised that utilising the huge amount of datasets can improve a business’s bottom line. Hence, data science is on the rise, both from a company’s and employee’s perspective. According to an IBM report, data scientists and advanced analysts are the fastest-growing roles, which are projected to see demand spike by 28 percent by 2020

Tech Needs Architects

News Image Fintech, in particular, could learn from the complexity of architecture and the built environment, writes Anthemis Group partner David Galbraith.

Unisys Policing’s Big Data problem and how to fix it

News Image The benefits of data analytics in policing are huge. Today, we’re already seeing the benefits of analysing data from body cameras, sensor networks and smart devices. The insights derived from this data can help police forces become more efficient and effective at predicting and deterring crime. But for big data to reach its full potential within policing, a rethink of how it is gathered, handled and analysed is required.

What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’, And How Can Businesses Respond To The Spiralling Cyber Threat?

News Image Earlier this month, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a report listing ‘cryptojacking’ as one of the biggest cyber threats facing UK businesses. The report warned that up to 55% of businesses globally are already affected by these types of attacks, and that this figure is set to only rise as attackers exploit new techniques to hijack computers.

ThoughtWorks Birth of the Technology Radar

News Image It's been almost a decade since ThoughtWorker Darren Smith came up with the idea of using a radar metaphor to track our thoughts on emerging and evolving trends in tech. Since then, it's become the go-to report for anyone interested in what's new and exciting in tech. We asked Darren to give us an insight into how the Tech Radar was born.

Digital banking's key trends: Demand, competition, mobile on the rise

News Image In both the richest and poorest countries, banking around the globe is going digital and mobile. Two global studies — a study of 150,000 consumers polled by Gallup for the World Bank for its Global Findex Database, and a survey of 5,200 consumers by the tech giant Oracle — found complementary trends in the use and adoption of digital banking.

PwC PwC aims to push diversity with pro-bono initiative

News Image Professional services firm PwC has become an ‘affiliate firm’ to Aspiring Solicitors – the first venture by the pro bono volunteering unit at PwC’s legal arm. Thirty volunteers from PwC’s legal network will act ‘professional ambassadors’ to Aspiring Solicitors, providing mentoring and support to young people looking to progress.

Microsoft Microsoft wants to make meetings great again

News Image Look, a lot of us who work in corporate environments dread meetings. Most of the time, they are unproductive or boring and keep us away from doing real work. Fortunately, Microsoft is trying to make meetings suck less with some very cool technology.