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Want to know how to double the size of your analytics consulting business?

Markets are what you make of them. Henry Ford knew it when he introduced the “any colour so long as it’s black” Model T Ford. Faberge knew it when he produced the first of his brilliant, bejewelled eggs. Big or small, high value or low cost: We get to decide, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research...

PwC Explainable AI

News Image Artificial Intelligence is growing in sophistication, complexity and autonomy. Opening up transformational opportunities for business and society. At the same time, it makes explainability ever more critical.

Data & analytics: how to convince clients you offer something more

In a recent report, Intelligent Analytics:Threats and opportunities in the global analytics market, reveals that, collectively, consulting firms currently only have a 25% share of the analytics market. The remaining 75% is being done in-house, by clients themselves, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

IBM SpaceX to blast off IBM's Al Cimon into space

News Image Waves of technology-driven change now regularly disrupt industry, culture and society. The challenge of navigating this turbulence grows increasingly complex, requiring deep examination of overlapping trajectories in search of hidden insights.