Consulting Headlines

IBM Transforming E&U operations with IoT

News Image With the proliferation of smart meters and cheap sensors, energy and utilities companies are looking to technology as a catalyst for business change. Distributed power generation is eroding traditional revenue streams.

PA Consulting Group Data driven healthcare is the new reality

News Image Effective use of data should be at the heart of healthcare management. It should inform all planning, action and decision making. After all, using data to inform diagnoses, treatment planning and evaluation is at the cornerstone of how clinicians care effectively for patients.

IBM IBM says it's reached milestone in quantum computing

News Image IBM has announced a milestone in its race against Google and other big tech firms to build a powerful quantum computer. The company's scientists have successfully built and measured a processor prototype with 50 quantum bits, known as qubits. -it's the first time any company has built a quantum computer at this scale.

PwC Accelerating innovation through responsible AI

News Image Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as the defining technology of our age, with many industries already utilising AI in some form. Unleash the full potential of AI to transform your business model by offering transformational possibilities for consumers, businesses and society as a whole.

IBM "IBM leaps to 3rd place in Cloud Wars," says Forbes

News Image CLOUD WARS -- As businesses move beyond cloud experiments to deeply strategic deployments, the balance of power in the Cloud Wars Top 10 is shifting toward those tech providers that can move those business customers past the infrastructure phase and into the high-value realm of AI-driven competitive advantage.

PA Consulting Group How can the circular economy create value for your business

News Image Our current economic model is inefficient. With a finite level of resources, volatile commodity prices, and a growing consumer middle class, business cannot keep doing business the same way. This is more than an existential threat to businesses. Companies thinking differently, thinking circular, are finding ways of creating value now