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IBM Fintech CEO says tech giants like IBM may go on M&A ‘shopping spree’ for start-ups in 2018

News Image Tech giants like IBM and Capgemini could go on a mergers and acquisitions "shopping spree" for financial technology start-ups next year. Daniel Döderlein, CEO of Norwegian fintech startup Auka, said that tech behemoths that have shared a long-standing relationship with banks but still rely on older technology would begin to show an interest in a "flood" of new fintech firms.

People advisory services: A multi-disciplinary nirvana?

Organisations have always used consultants for two main reasons: to access world-class expertise and to give them organisational flexibility (teams brought in at short-notice to accelerate the delivery of a project, extra pairs of hands when the business-as-usual work threatens to overwhelm their in-house resources, etc.). Conventionally, these two needs have been mutually exclusive: you want a specialist or a generalist. Increasingly, though, clients want both, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research...

Gartner The Emergence of the IoT Architect

News Image The Internet of Things requires strong executive sponsorship, but the will of the organization isn’t sufficient to make IoT a reality. Someone has to have the complex role of understanding the needs of affected groups, identifying the target architecture that can address those needs and steering the organization toward that target state. This is the IoT architect.

ThoughtWorks GDPR: it’s time to rethink your approach to privacy

News Image From May 2018, UK companies could face huge fines for failing to comply with new data rules that many seem unprepared for. But instead of viewing the General Data Protection Regulations as yet another tick-box compliance issue, it might pay to take a more strategic view. At ThoughtWorks, we think GDPR should fundamentally change the way you think about customer data.

KPMG Cyber security in 2017 — cyber crime is on the rise

News Image You only need to have spared a glance at the headlines over the past few years, to realise that the cyber crime epidemic is far from over. In fact, as our recent report with KPMG points out, in 2016 cyber crime in the UK overtook ‘traditional’ crime for the first time.

PwC Ready for take off. How InsurTechs are poised to transform insurance

News Image PwC’s second year of collaboration with the Startupbootcamp InsurTech program takes place against a backdrop of growing excitement, investment and a rapidly increasing number of new businesses and collaborative partnerships. The growth of InsurTech has been remarkable, with a thriving ecosystem of start-ups, insurers, investors and innovators springing up over the past twelve months.

Sia Partners UK Digital Series: Ethereum

What is Ethereum?
Building on our previous discussion on Bitcoin, ‘Ether’ (the cryptocurrency of Ethereum) functions as any other cryptocurrency. It can be used as an anonymous method of making purchases, being spent directly at any online store that accepts it, or it can be sold on an exchange and redeemed in another currency.

PwC Staff shortages are pushing up pay, recruiters say

News Image The UK labour market is tightening, with employers finding it harder to recruit staff, according to a survey of employment agencies. The survey says that pay rates for both permanent and temporary staff are rising quickly due to a continuing fall in the number of job applicants.

ThoughtWorks Why conversational UI? Why now?

News Image The mobile era has shifted our society from always on to always on demand. The standard of always on, which caused a great shift in social and workforce dynamics, is a remnant of the desktop and Blackberry era.

Microsoft Microsoft buys Cloudyn, but can it make it a success?

News Image Microsoft has acquired cloud billing startup Cloudyn for a reported $50 million – $70 million, allowing it to potentially offer cloud cost management services. Cloudyn helps customers to manage and organise their cloud billing across multiple clouds, and has supported cost management for Azure and other clouds to help customers improve their cloud efficiency.