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Blockchain-based mapping hopes to replace GPS. Can it be trusted?

News Image Cryptocurrencies have had a rough year. Bitcoin has crashed more than 75 percent since its peak, and its competitors are faring no better. Even if the bubble has burst on non-fiat currency, the technology underlying those coins, the blockchain—which offers a way to record and validate transactions without a central authority, such as a bank or government—still excites many speculators outside finance.

PwC Chatta disrupts learning

News Image The potential for technology is not new in education, many of the big technology providers have developed educational products. However, to date they have chosen two traditional channels either to publish content or monitor pupil progress online. Chatta has created a new method of teaching online. This has meant there is no existing market, Chatta have had to rely on early adopters and innovators to take a risk and help them secure market traction.

PwC Bringing disruptive technology to city streets across the world

News Image FiveAI is a UK technology start-up bringing together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to deliver a fully autonomous shared transport service for Europe’s cities. Operating out of six UK locations, the company already has prototype cars out and about in the UK, and is planning its first full service trial for commuters in London by early 2020. PwC's Private Business Leader for the West region, Colin Bates, spoke to FiveAI co-founder and CEO Stan Boland about the opportunities and challenges of being a world leader in transport innovation.