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Microsoft How AI and satellites are used to combat illegal fishing

News Image Fishing is a way of life for coastal communities around the world. An estimated four million fishing vessels sail the world’s oceans, providing fish for a global seafood market valued at over $120 billion. To manage overfishing, OceanMind is using the power of AI to map data and then feeding that information to government authorities to help catch perpetrators

IBM IBM and the NHS: Working in Partnership

News Image As a new generation of technology is changing our lives there are no shortage of opportunities for technology to revolutionise the National Health Service. But it’s not just about getting the current systems working better for the 1.4 million NHS staff and over a million patients the NHS sees every day

Wood Mackenzie Ltd Can Cities Help Speed Up The Energy Transition?

News Image Cities, particularly large metropolises, have rarely been seen as drivers of environmental change. But out of the exhaust fumes of slow-moving traffic, a number of major cities are aiming to become catalysts for the energy transition – speeding up the move away from fossil fuels, and using technology to become a catalyst for a sustainability.

Forbes Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Tied To The Future Of Blockchain?

News Image Since the beginning of modern times, each industrial revolution was driven by different automation. While factory machines and fossil fuels drove the previous industrial revolutions, the on-going automation revolution is based on data-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding its impact and what will be required to support the AI-driven automation revolution is a fundamental necessity

PA Consulting Group Data Science and Artificial Intelligence expert Alex Vayner joins PA Consulting to lead Artificial Intelligence and Automation in the Americas

News Image Alex Vayner has joined PA Consulting, the global innovation and transformation consultancy focused on bringing ingenuity to life, to lead its Americas Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation team. Alex will be responsible for managing PA's data analytics, business intelligence, and AI capabilities