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KPMG wins industry accolades at MCA awards

KPMG’s management consultancy team has been recognised by the industry’s leading trade body for its work advising businesses and public sector organisations to help them boost performance and improve the service they deliver to customers. The firm won two awards at the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) annual ceremony, held in London last night.

Think the unthinkable

If government spent more on consultancy, it might well be able to spend less on everything else, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James. Here he bemoans the fact that politicians are not prepared to discuss the genuine possibilities of disruptive transformation.

Are we seeing the decline of Apple? And what can we learn from this?

Apple is renowned for innovation. What makes Apple different from the rest is that the innovation was designed on the basis of the user experience. Steve Jobs was famous for quoting; “Long ago, I used to design the technology, but now I realise I should understand the experience and then design the technology around it".

The Unexpected Business Benefits of Collaboration

Many companies, big and small, are moving towards a more collaborative approach to business. Effective collaboration is much more than just ‘working together’ – it’s a strategic choice too, writes William Buist.