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Thinking bigger with artificial intelligence: Part 2

In a previous blog post we talked about the growing importance of artificial intelligence to companies’ operations, and the need for organizations to think bigger about how they can use AI to drive the fundamental transformation of key business processes to unlock exponentially greater value. In this post, we address another big question executives ask us: How do we get started using AI?...

Beards and pinstripes—the next big opportunity

We’ve talked before on these pages about the merits and limitations of sub-brands. While they may help to raise awareness of new capabilities, they may also underline that the sub-brand isn’t core to what the firm does. Nowhere is that debate more pressing than in a discussion about digital sub-brands. What’s next for those firms with separate digital sub-brands, if digital is becoming fundamental to everything clients do? - writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

KPMG Gemma Legg joins KPMG from Grant Thornton

News Image KPMG continues to build its Thames Valley and South Coast Corporate Finance team with its latest recruit of Gemma Legg. She joins the team as corporate finance associate director, based in Reading. A winner of the South East Young Dealmaker of the Year award, Legg was previously based at Grant Thornton.

Microsoft Microsoft's National Cybersecurity Policy Framework: Practical Strategy or Non-Starter?

News Image Microsoft has never been backward in making global recommendations for improved cybersecurity. Its latest recommendations come in a paper titled, Cybersecurity Policy Framework -- A practical guide to the development of national cybersecurity policy. Its purpose is nothing short of providing a framework that all nations can follow in the formulation of their own national cybersecurity policies.

Microsoft Microsoft Looks to Trusted Computing for Boosting Blockchain Security

News Image Two newly published patent applications from Microsoft suggest that the software giant is looking at the use of trusted execution environments, or TEEs, within its blockchain offerings. According to information gathered from two filings published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Thursday, a TEE is specified to store "a pre-determined type of blockchain or other security protocol code" in a "validation node."

IBM Blockchain hype may have peaked, but IBM is still a believer

News Image Blockchain euphoria is giving way to blockchain fatigue: Despite the hype, only 1% of executives in a survey reported deploying the technology at their firms. And while corporate management remains bullish about distributed ledgers, mentions of “blockchain” are on the decline during earnings conference calls. But IBM, which has roots going back more than 100 years, still thinks the technology that underpins bitcoin has untapped potential.

Cushman & Wakefield When it comes to colocation, one size does not fit all via

News Image Depending on the industry, tenants should assume they will put 10 to 30 percent of their application workload in the cloud. When it comes to site selection for a colocation (colo) data center facility, the old saying “do your homework” rings true for companies large and small in all types of industries. Once the decision has been made to pursue a colo facility, it is important to understand that not all third-party colo data centers are created equal.

KPMG Time for law firms to embrace the ‘bots’ and reimagine their workplace

News Image The impact of technology on work has seen humans and machines collaborate, manual tasks automate, agility become the norm, and traditional career paths change. In the legal sector, this disruption presents vast challenges as firms struggle to move from traditional hierarchies, manual research requirements, time-based billing models, and other traditional ways of operating, into tech-empowered models fit for the future.

Artificial Intelligence at Investment Banks – 5 Current Applications

News Image Automation and AI already have several applications in banking and finance, and over the last few years, the fintech sector has been witnessing a spate of new artificial intelligence applications due to the availability of new data sources, and the proliferation artificial intelligence tools and techniques.