The Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (2nd Edition)

Whilst has long been candidates’ preferred site for finding a new consulting job and researching the market, we were also conscious that there was no one definitive publication out there for someone looking at career options within consulting.

The Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms was created to provide a comprehensive resource tackling all the issues relevant to someone considering their career options within consulting.

The guide is available in two formats, as an immediate PDF download or in a hardback print edition (allow 14-16 days for delivery).

The 400+ page guide contains:

  • A weighty career editorials section with contributions from leading consulting recruiters and industry commentators, covering all aspects
    of securing a role in consulting

  • An A-Z directory of UK consulting employers with over 380 consulting employers for you to research

  • Projections for likely hiring activity in the consulting market

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The PDF version of the guide is available at no cost to all subscribers of our consulting newsletters; the hardback edition is also available for free, you just pay postage costs. To get your electronic and / or hardback copy simply enter your details below and click "Submit" to proceed.

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