Unisys: The Health Care Benefits of Combining Wearables and AI


The AI pilot is targeting what Harvard Business School Professor and Innosight co-founder Clay Christensen calls “non-consumption.” These are opportunity areas where consumers have a job to be done that isn’t currently addressed by an affordable or convenient solution.read more

Unisys: Top 5 barriers to innovation


Security concerns, limited time, and no budget are some factors that can stop companies from innovating. Tom Merritt examines the top five roadblocks to innovation and how to overcome them...read more

Unisys: The digital transformation debate: It’s about people AND technology


In recent years, there have been a wave of articles professing that digital transformation is about people, not technology. The argument typically runs along the lines that it takes people to execute the strategy and without the right skills, culture and change management, any digital transformation initiative will likely miss the mark. While this is accurate, the same could be said of most major initiatives.read more

Unisys: Four Rules To Guide Expectations Of Artificial Intelligence


Is the world too chaotic for any technology to control? Is technology revealing that things are even more chaotic and uncontrollable than first thought? Artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technologies may be underscoring a realisation Albert Einstein had many decades ago: “The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don't know.”read more

Unisys: Explaining The 'New Normal' In Cybersecurity To The C-Suite


Even the most insulated CXOs are certainly cognizant of the constant stream of news related to cyber attacks. News feeds are full of reports of IT security breaches, to the point where awareness is no longer an issue. My own mother mails me cybersecurity articles cut out from her local newspaper.read more

Unisys: Study: Mobile commerce to overtake e-commerce by 2019


The number of m-commerce transactions will overtake e-commerce transactions globally by 2019, according to a forecast by 451 Research provided to Retail Dive's sister publication Mobile Marketer. China will lead the way, this year becoming the first country whose online spending exceeds $1 trillion with mobile devices as the primary gateway to digital commerce, 451 predicted.read more

Unisys: How hybrid industrial cloud computing is gaining momentum


Why do most internet of things analytics operations occur in the cloud? The public cloud offers a centralised location for large amounts of affordable storage and computing power. But there are many instances in which it makes more sense to perform analytics closer to the thing or activity that is generating or collecting data ­– equipment deployed at customer sites.read more

Unisys: As cloud adoption increases, so does data loss


The mass adoption of cloud-based applications is no longer exclusive to private enterprises. Education, health care and government agencies are rapidly adopting software-as-a-service solutions to cut costs and improve productivity and efficiency. read more

Unisys: The GDPR Ripple Effect


The race to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the May 25 deadline is over, but data security and privacy is a marathon, not a sprint. If the ever-evolving regulatory compliance landscape is any indication, GDPR is just the first of many mandates to come.read more