ThoughtWorks: The New Tech Industry Macro Trends


We publish our Technology Radar twice a year: it’s a snapshot of the major technologies and trends that glean from our work, partnering on our clients' most ambitious projects. In this piece, we highlight some of the wider trends that emerge from compiling the Radar, but which aren't covered directly.​read more

ThoughtWorks: Women in Work and the Tech Industry


Why Inclusivity, Equity and Leadership are key. Recently, I found an annual report from my first employer, a large UK firm, where I was one of six graduate trainees, with five of us being women. At that stage in my life, I didn't even think about equality and diversity, and assumed the notion of 'work hard and you will be rewarded whatever your gender', would be more

ThoughtWorks: The Rise of the Serial Innovator


We live in one of history's great eras of opportunity. In the years ahead incredible things will be done in the name of innovation, ultimately replacing an economic system that has been the foundation for employment and wealth for hundreds of years. There are deep dangers more

ThoughtWorks: Bridging Digital Divide In Underprivileged Communities


Access to information strongly depends on people’s socio-economic status. Although this seems to be a worldwide problem, it's even more pronounced in the Global South (GS). Underprivileged communities in this particular region of the world continue to be denied equal access to information, because of their poor socio-economic more

ThoughtWorks: Tips on how to work from home like a pro.


Nearly a quarter of American workers work from home at least once a week, and that number is expected to continue rising. But is working from home actually productive? Definitely, say many studies: it not only increases productivity, it also increases employee retention and reduces absenteeism. read more

ThoughtWorks: Performance Testing in a Nutshell


It is very easy to forget about performance testing and its importance while delivering software under tight deadlines. It is also a challenge to convince the client to start with performance testing right from the beginning of the project, rather than treat it as a second class citizen. read more

ThoughtWorks: Implications of Tech Stack Complexity for Executives


In order for you to thrive in the digital environment, you need to understand the implications of the changing technology landscape on your organization. This is the first article in Technology Radar Echoes, a new series where authors share their insights and experience on the technology problems and solutions driving business differentiation for enterprise leaders. read more

ThoughtWorks: Watching "Death of Agile" on the way to work.


Dave Thomas is a programmer, and now he is an accidental publisher. He wrote The Pragmatic Programmer with Andy Hunt at the end of the '90s, and that experience opened a new world for them. They discovered a love of writing that complemented their love of learning new things. read more