Julianne Ponan Turns it Around


In 2012 Creative Nature was a brand that was struggling and sinking with heavy losses. It sold a wide range of products that weren’t sonorous with its current healthy food image. That was until 22 year old Julianne Ponan took a large risk and bought the brand.

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When AI starts writing thought leadership


I have to confess to having described, in some of my more confrontational moments, pieces of thought leadership as something that could have been produced by “any business-savvy intelligent person, locked in a cupboard with a desk and an internet connection”, writes Rachel Ainsworth at Source. However, having read Man v machine: can computers cook, write and paint better than us? in The Guardian’s weekend supplement, it seems the “person” element of my damning description is now defunct.read more

Telecom operators take the lead as data activators in Economy of Data


Atos, an international leader in digital services, today launched a new whitepaper that identifies a new role for telecom operators as data activators - matching consumers with providers. In the economy of data - brought about by the Third Digital Revolution that will see about 4.5 billion smartphones, 2.5 billion users of social networks and more than 25 billion objects connected to the internet by 2018 - telecom operators can play a crucial role thanks to their huge customer base and their ability to process real time information about their customers for their customers. This gives them the capability to create richer customer profiles and claim a central and leading role in the new economy of data. The Atos whitepaper entitled - ‘Telecom operator: activate your gold’ – advises telecom operators to create new business models to be data analytics driven and to optimise their unique position to become data activators.read more

No island is an island


Intertwined global supply chains mean that there can never be unequivocal answers to economic questions, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James, but being part of this interdependence is essential. read more

A constitution for change?


The Scottish referendum highlights a deficiency in our attitude to change, says our management consultancy columnist Mick James – we can’t agree on how to agree. read more

Company secretaries help drive organisational success


New research by Henley Business School reveals that good company secretaries make a significant contribution to board performance, share the same qualities as good chairmen and enable effective decision-making. Sometimes undervalued and often misunderstood, the role is intrinsic to organisational success.read more

Cheap advice is bad advice


Our management consultancy columnist, Mick James, this week argues that consultants need to start charging their clients a lot more money. read more

The lure of the ID cards project


Our management consultancy columnist, Mick James, argues the scale and complexity of the ID cards scheme are too tempting for consultancies to resist. read more

Equal pay for equal work


Our management consultancy columnist, Mick James, this week looks behind the numbers of the latest Chartered Management Institute pay survey. read more