PwC: Good Growth for Cities - Measuring what matters when it comes to growth


Good Growth for Cities measures the performance of the UK’s largest cities against 10 indicators that the public think are most important when it comes to economic wellbeing. The Index was developed by PwC and the think tank Demos in the aftermath of the financial crisis in response to the sense that we need to look beyond GDP headlines to measure economic more

PwC: The Low Carbon Economy Index 2019


After four years of moderate progress, in 2018 the pace of the low carbon transition slowed down to the long term average since 2000. Despite significant increases in renewable energy, the gap between the Paris Agreement goal and the current pathway continues to growread more

PwC: Business and government have combined to create a skills desert in Britain


The skills gap is a lead weight chained to the legs of the British economy. It has long been a problem, but in the shallow waters of the EU swimming pool, it has at least been more or less manageable, at least with a little migrant help. Trouble is, the UK is preparing to perform a deep dive into a very cold and deep sea, one with a global eco-storm clearly visible on the horizonread more

PwC: Disrupting Utilities. Is it anyone’s game?


A potential revolution for the utilities industry is being led by advancements in smart home technology, real time data becoming available and evolving customer expectations. In a sector that is becoming increasingly digital, distributed and personalised, the door is wide open for truly innovative companiesread more

PwC: Megatrends: 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business.


It feels like a time when we need some foresight, foresight as to what our World might become, should become. We all have an opportunity – I’d say a responsibility – to dig deep, to search for innovative solutions, inspire good growth, economic prosperity, stronger communities, healthier people and greater social mobilityread more