A small step for PwC, a double-jump for consulting?


Consultants often talk about pain points, but it’s hard to find one that’s either more painful or more pointed than Diabetesville, the name given by the media to Cameron County, Texas, where almost a third of the population has Type II diabetes, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research. read more

PwC: Work longer and study more to fight the robot revolution, says PwC


The Government must do more to keep older workers in jobs if Britain is to combat the twin challenges of an ageing population and increased automation, according to a new report. PwC analysis showed the UK lagged behind countries such as Mexico and Chile in terms of keeping older workers in employment, closing the gender pay gap and helping workers to seize new opportunities through training.read more

WeAreTheCity Reveal Top 100 Female Rising Stars Across 20 Industries


Today WeAreTheCity released the names of its top 100 female Rising Stars as part of its Annual Awards Programme, to celebrate the female talent pipeline across the UK. The prestigious Rising Star awards, now in its third year, aim to showcase the sheer volume of female talent that exists across our industries and to create role models for the future.

read more

PwC: PwC launches technology degree in attempt to future-proof the UK workforce


PwC today launched a technology degree apprenticeship to give young people from a broader range of backgrounds the chance to secure a career in technology. Some 80 students will start the 2018/19 academic year by combining university life with practical work-based technology projects at PwC. The four-year course will be taught out of the University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds.read more

PwC: Following the NHS cyber attacks here's advice from our team: cyber attacks – preventing and handling ransomware


As widely reported in the media, there has been a significant wave of ransomware attacks against a large number of NHS bodies and their access to data held on computer systems. NHS Digital has stated that it is working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, the Department of Health and NHS England to support affected organisations and ensure patient safety is protected.read more

PwC: Why AI and robotics will define New Health


Will artificial intelligence and robotics in medicine replace the human clinician? Not yet, but healthcare is changing and these advanced technologies have the potential to make care better, faster and more accessible for all. read more