PA Consulting Group: The future of work is already here


The future of work is not a destination we’re heading towards. It’s somewhere we’ve already arrived at. Everything we’ve taken for granted about work is changing; the ways in which we forge a career, commute and learn, who we work with and how long we work for are all being more

PA Consulting Group: Was WannaCry the wake-up call for global IT security?


Ken Allan, security expert at PA Consulting Group shares his insights on the recent WannaCry ransomware which brought global systems to a standstill. The article notes that Friday May 12 may be seen as a turning point for global IT security – the date when the Wannacry ransomware code infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries in the space of a few days. read more

PA Consulting Group: Retail is having to re-imagine itself. And fast.


The changing nature of the consumer. The power of social influencers on buying behaviour. Sustainability. Corporate transparency. Localisation. The increasing role technology and innovation will play across the retail and consumer packaged goods landscape. And of course, Brexit. These were the topics on the agenda when over 800 retail and consumer goods executives came together at the Consumer Goods Forum Annual Summit for three days in more

PA Consulting Group: Is succession planning dead?


The figures are in. 50% of occupations will be redundant by 2025, 47% of all jobs could be automated in the next 20 years and 44% of CEOs are dissatisfied with succession planning. So this begs the question – is succession planning dead?read more

PA Consulting Group: Why now is the time to appoint a chief agility officer


Most organisations now accept there is a need for greater business agility – to be able to respond to change in an effective and dynamic way, to increase the level of experimentation to trial new offerings more easily and to unlock their employees’ potential. However, organisational inertia is significant. The bureaucratic burden of established control mechanisms and governance all too often gets in the way and stifles the innovation more

PA Consulting Group: Exploiting the import and export opportunities of Brexit


The UK’s industrial strategy reflects the government’s current approach of encouraging overseas companies to look at the sectors and clusters the UK is traditionally strong in, and enticing them to set up facilities in the country. In the meantime, the general strategy for growing exports has been to encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to consider exporting, and then host overseas trade events and missions to help them find new markets. To date, both strategies have been successfulread more

PA Consulting Group: Are you ready for the future of work?


The future isn’t a destination. It’s right here. We have a habit of treating the future as a place, a new chrome-plated city where we’ll eventually step out of a teleporter and blink into the lights, avoiding the self-driving cars and hoverboarding pesky millennials. But viewing the future as a destination is dangerous because it’ll remain the stuff of fiction and just out of more

PA Consulting Group: Are you at risk of burning out?


Claire Logan, head of people and talent at PA Consulting Group, is quoted in an article in Ignites Europe, a Financial Times title covering the European fund industry. The article examines whether the asset management industry’s long-hours working culture and focus on short-term performance foster a burnout culture. read more

PA Consulting Group: White collar AI


Head of disruption for financial services at PA Consulting Group, Christopher O’Driscoll, has been quoted extensively in an article on artificial intelligence in D/sruption Magazine which examines whether machines are poised to take over the more