PA Consulting Group: How can better collaboration reduce financial crime?


Each year, organised crime generates revenue equivalent to about 2.7 per cent of global GDP and criminals launder US$1.6 trillion of it through the mainstream financial systems. As criminals are becoming smarter and more sophisticated, the social and economic consequences will increase. The financial services industry is doing its best to combat financial crime and protect customers, yet there’s still more to do. read more

Where next for the agritech revolution?


The race is on to become the dominant digital platform in the agriculture sector, harnessing technologies that boost agricultural productivity through data capture and integration, according to new research from PA Consulting Group.

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John Madeley joins PA Consulting Group’s financial services team from PwC


John Madeley has joined PA Consulting Group as a partner in its financial services team in London. John is an insurance specialist and has extensive understanding of the issues and challenges facing the industry. John will spearhead the development of PA's financial services business across the UK with a particular focus on the future of insurance. read more

PA Consulting Group: Architecture is still critical to successful IT delivery, but must change to suit an Agile world | PA Consulting


You might think architects aren’t needed with Agile delivery. It’s a question we get asked a lot at PA – after all, if you do a lot of design up front or put too much down in documentation, you won’t be acting in an agile way, right? To save you time, we’ve distilled our experience as hands-on developers, architects and Agilists into this set of guiding more

PA takes a different approach to growth


Forbes contributor and business leadership journalist Roger Trapp interviews Andrew Hooke, who is the head of consulting sectors at PA Consulting Group and has also recently taken over as head of the firm in the U.S...

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PA Consulting Group: Artificial Intelligence: Why you should think before you act


Artificial Intelligence is advancing and the media is flooded with stories of AI exceeding human capabilities. Google’s Deepmind beating the Go world champion, Oxford University’s LipNet lip-reading with 93.4% accuracy (where humans can only manage 20% - 60%) and AI detecting cancer on scans quickly and more accurately than doctors. But with all the investment and interest in AI, is it living up to expectations and meeting its potential?read more

PA Consulting Group: Data centre growth in the Nordics


The increased demand for data storage, and predictions of its future growth, is high on the agenda in most Nordic Energy utilities these days. The nature of the business model, where capital intensive infrastructure is deployed is a familiar game for most, and its growing demand for power has a potential impact on the future demand more

PA Consulting Group: Should cryptocurrencies play a part in your future?


As someone who dabbled a little in Bitcoin soon after its launch but didn’t hold on to any, I’m probably one of the many people experiencing some pangs of regret at the lost opportunity. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s value hovers just below US$17,500 following what can only be described as a meteoric rise in recent more

PA Consulting Group: PA Consulting Group expands offer to the aviation sector through acquisition of Nyras Limited


PA Consulting Group has signed an agreement to acquire Nyras Limited, the international aviation consultancy. Nyras is the only consultancy in the air transport industry authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to undertake commercial and transactional advisory services in the aviation sector. Nyras will bring new capabilities to PA, and enable the global aviation team to offer additional support to an industry facing significant change and disruption. read more

PA Consulting Group: THE EU GDPR-Just a 'tick in a box' – or an opportunity to create value?


The EU General Data Protection Regulation is a game-changer. The penalties for a breach have the potential to move from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds, dollars or euros. Requirements around unambiguous consent and the right to erasure mean organisations fundamentally need to re-think how they manage and retain data. Compliance with the GDPR requirements is mandatory for all organisations that handle personal data of EU more

PA Consulting Group: The robots are coming


Technology has been transforming the way we work since the industrial revolution. However, the combination of the development of the latest generation of robots and advances in artificial intelligence have the potential to drive a dramatic new wave of change across a very wide range of more

PA Consulting Group: Data driven healthcare is the new reality


Effective use of data should be at the heart of healthcare management. It should inform all planning, action and decision making. After all, using data to inform diagnoses, treatment planning and evaluation is at the cornerstone of how clinicians care effectively for patients. read more