PA Consulting Group: 5G as an innovation platform


Every year, the world’s mobile industry gathers in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (MWC). What was once a relatively small event, MWC now hosts an industry that connects five billion people and generates over $1 trillion in revenues. And this year, 5G is set to dominate the show’s more

PA Consulting Group: Inspiring The Next Tech Generation


With Brexit looming, it has never been more important to ensure that the UK has a fresh supply of home grown talent in science, technology and engineering. But attracting qualified workers into the field isn’t always easy. In 2018 the STEM education and careers support organisation STEM Learning found the current shortfall of skilled workers in the UK STEM sector to number 173,000. This is estimated to cost our businesses an incredible £1.5bn per year in recruitment, temporary staffing, inflated salaries and additional training more

PA Consulting Group: Driving into a low emissions future


Minds have been increasingly focused on the European Union 2021 CO₂ emissions targets. According to our latest analysis, some car makers have got their strategy right and will meet their targets easily, but others have woken up too late and will struggle. While many of these late risers have plans for new low emission models, it will be hard for them to implement their plans fast enough to make a real more

PA Consulting Group: How would a No-Deal Brexit affect data protection?


The EU and UK negotiators have agreed the technical details of a Brexit deal. Yet, with less than five months until the UK leaves the EU and considering the UK and each EU country needs to sign off on the deal, the likelihood of a No-Deal Brexit is still high. And this has raised questions around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).read more