PA Consulting Group: UK infrastructure fuels surge in demand for environmental consulting


The UK environmental consultancy sector saw an 8.7% increase to reach £1.57 billion in 2015, according to Environment Analyst’s UK Market Assessment Final Data report published at the end of last year. The research affirms our recent global EC market study findings that the UK as part of the Western European region is one of the most buoyant markets for environmental consultancies worldwide at present (EA 06-Jan-16).read more

PA Consulting Group: European car manufacturers face fines of up to €2 billion


Several European car manufacturers have hefty fines hanging over their heads if they are unable to meet the new emission standards set by the European Union. Those with a cloud around their performance include Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, GM and Ford, all of which are not likely to meet the set targets, say researchers in a new more

PA Consulting Group: How to simplify organisations through great business design


Early last year we noticed an increasing number of businesses starting to talk about simplifying their businesses in a fundamental way. Sometimes this was driven by a fear of new entrants with different business models, customer offerings and cost structures. And sometimes it was led by the complexity created from trying to manage the customer experience across online and offline channels, or an increasing personalisation of services. But in all cases, they were recognising the need to go beyond techniques they’d tried previously, such as lean, delayering or tactical changes to IT more