PA Consulting Group: Creating a railway for 2050


What does the future of rail in the UK look like? The answer depends on how far into the future you look. If the Williams Review is as penetrating as we expect, the coming year has the potential to radically kick start the change in the way our railways are run. However, will that be radical change for today, for the next five years, or for the next 30?read more

PA Consulting Group: Keep up with the changing business world with our essential insights from the first half of 2019


The first half of 2019 has seen radical trend-setting in the world of business – the younger generation is putting sustainability in the limelight, we’ve heard about imminent commercial quantum computers and 5G mobile networks are rolling out. Organisations can’t ignore such disruptive trends. And central to responding will be their people, finding the right ways to bring humans and technology together to maximise more

PA Consulting Group: PA Consulting patent paves way for Point of Care testing


Innovation and transformation consulting firm PA Consulting has been granted a US patent for its Point of Care (PoC) testing platform. PoC testing refers to medical testing carried out at the time and place of patient care, as opposed to a laboratory, which requires samples to be collected and sent away, resulting in prolonged wait times and potential delays in appropriate more