PA Consulting Group: Taking digital public services further, faster


In just two decades, the world has drastically changed. Amazon launched, the first iPhone hit the shelves, and Government Digital Service (GDS) was founded. These are just a few of the digital revolutions that have been released across the public and private sectors in that time. And the pace of change is increasing. It feels like we’re entering a new era of more

PA Consulting Group: How to transform your organisation through sustained innovation


Organisations feel threatened in this constantly shifting world. Innovation is critical to survival, but it’s tough to keep pace with disruptive challenges. At PA, though, we believe in a positive human future – established organisations have the people to sustain innovation that will see them flourish. So, how do you turn business as usual into innovation as usual?read more

PA Consulting Group: Global PA 12 Market Report 2011-2017 and Foresight 2018-2023


This report studies the Global PA 12 Market status and outlook of Global Market 2018. The report begins with the overview of Industry Chain structure, and describes industry environment, then analyses market size and forecast of Paint Protection Film. The global key-word Exploring the market record explore on defining and evolving the key elements for the development of the key-word market and forecasts till more

PA Consulting Group: The world is becoming Total Digital. Are you?


Our world today is undeniably digital. New technologies – from social media and GPS systems to artificial intelligence and digital twins – make the planet we inhabit unrecognisable from even 20 years ago. If you’re feeling queasy at the speed of change, hold tight. It’s only going to get more

PA Consulting Group: How can better collaboration reduce financial crime?


Each year, organised crime generates revenue equivalent to about 2.7 per cent of global GDP and criminals launder US$1.6 trillion of it through the mainstream financial systems. As criminals are becoming smarter and more sophisticated, the social and economic consequences will increase. The financial services industry is doing its best to combat financial crime and protect customers, yet there’s still more to do. read more

Where next for the agritech revolution?


The race is on to become the dominant digital platform in the agriculture sector, harnessing technologies that boost agricultural productivity through data capture and integration, according to new research from PA Consulting Group.

read more

John Madeley joins PA Consulting Group’s financial services team from PwC


John Madeley has joined PA Consulting Group as a partner in its financial services team in London. John is an insurance specialist and has extensive understanding of the issues and challenges facing the industry. John will spearhead the development of PA's financial services business across the UK with a particular focus on the future of insurance. read more

PA Consulting Group: Architecture is still critical to successful IT delivery, but must change to suit an Agile world | PA Consulting


You might think architects aren’t needed with Agile delivery. It’s a question we get asked a lot at PA – after all, if you do a lot of design up front or put too much down in documentation, you won’t be acting in an agile way, right? To save you time, we’ve distilled our experience as hands-on developers, architects and Agilists into this set of guiding more