Moorhouse Consulting: Blockchain and Banking: 2B or not 2B


When you strip back the hype, blockchain is a form of database for recording digital transactions. Once entered, records become both permanent and immutable, creating an accurate and tamperproof history of transacted values – one of the reasons it has created so much interest, given the increasing focus on more

Moorhouse Consulting: De-risking investment in innovation


In today’s competitive marketplace, firms are facing more short-term pressure than ever to maintain revenue parity, let alone demonstrate growth. As a result, they are less willing to invest in fostering innovation. It is a common fear that focusing on innovation can lead to a lack of attention on current business activity and therefore have a detrimental effect on business as more

Moorhouse Consulting: Regulation and Innovation - friend or foe?


The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has had a busy first 12 months undergoing market reviews, mobilising the payment strategy forum and setting guidance for how the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) will be implemented in the UK. Given that a regulator is typically characterised by existing to codify and enforce rules and impose oversight for the benefit of the public at large - to also promote innovation makes for an exciting challenge. However, it's too soon to say how successful it's been in its mission. read more

Moorhouse Consulting: Digital Disruption Will Punish Those Standing Still


The term digital' is bandied about a lot these days, and with its overuse comes the risk that it will be perceived as just another wave of new technologies - 'another flash in the pan' or fad' that will prove to be more hype than anything else. However, this is different and the aggregate effect of social, mobile, analytics and cloud is having such an impact on businesses, entire markets will be restructured and every corner of an organisation's operating model will be affected. So, how is this the case? read more

Moorhouse Consulting: Is digital just another trend?


Digital is far more than just another wave of new technologies that will affect one part of the organisation or another. The aggregate effect of social, mobile, analytics and cloud, is that of a new platform with such different characteristics that entire markets will be restructured and every corner of an organisation's operating model will be affected. read more

Moorhouse Consulting: What will 2016 bring to the world of mergers and acquisitions?


Last year was a record year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), with data from Dealogic showing that volume surpassed the £3.5tr ($5tr) mark, breaking the previous record of £3.2tr ($4.6tr). This focus on acquisition looks set to continue in 2016, encouraged by low interest rates and readily available financing. Indeed, the boardroom appetite for acquisition is likely to more