Google and KPMG: Google is partnering with KPMG to help more enterprises transform their businesses


From advanced data analytics and machine learning to increasing workforce productivity through enterprise mobility, more and more businesses are seeing the value of moving to the cloud. But not all know how to start. Today, we're announcing our partnership with KPMG to address these needs. KPMG's expertise in vertical markets, digital transformation, change management and business process consulting can help Google Cloud customers understand how to take advantage of the cloud and put plans into action. Our partnership with KPMG will include solutions that will help enterprises in many different industriesincluding financial services, insurance, and healthcaretackle issues like business transformation, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. The first two solutions that KPMG built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), KPMG Intelligent Interactions and GDPR Assessment and Compliance Service, are already available more

KPMG: New Risks Emerging For Technology Companies


Every year KPMG identifies the top 10 risk areas for technology companies. Typically we see some carry-over on topics from the previous year, which tend to be persistent and pervasive issues, such as cybersecurity. However, some newer, emerging risks also rise to the top each year as technologies and the business environment more

KPMG: Your future car is autonomous, shared and electric


The oil and gas industry isn’t losing much sleep over electric vehicles. Sure, EVs are gaining popularity, but slowly. It’s hard to find charging stations, and battery costs keep EVs expensive relative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Economics and convenience still favor the personally owned, gas-powered car.However, we believe forces outside the industry will combine to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles, accelerating disruption to the more

KPMG: Appian and KPMG Apply Artificial Intelligence to Create Business Value


Appian and KPMG LLP today announce an expansion of their strategic alliance. Together, the companies are focused on making it easier to realise the business value of artificial intelligence (AI) by combining the KPMG Ignite portfolio of AI services with the speed, features, and intelligent automation (IA) capabilities of Appian’s low-code more

KPMG: KPMG: U.S. still leads in tech, but rivals aren’t far behind


The U.S. is still a tech innovation hub, but other regions are on the rise, according to KPMG’s annual survey of tech leaders. Silicon Valley and San Francisco are together viewed as the top hub, but Shanghai ranks as the biggest rival when it comes to innovation. No. 2 behind Shanghai is Tokyo, then London, New York, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, and more

KPMG: Top fintech predictions for 2018


Here's some crystal ball gazing, courtesy of KPMG's global fintech team. In its latest Pulse of fintech report, the firm sets out 10 factors it reckons will drive financial technology this year, after $US31 billion of deals were struck in 2017. read more

KPMG: Solar to lead global renewables growth for next five years


Investors throughout the world made 406 investments in large-scale renewables in 2017, collectively valued at roughly €40.1 billion, but solar is set to grow more in terms of capacity than any other clean-energy technology over the next half decade, according to a new report. Battery storage will play a crucial role in this, it more