KPMG: Blockchain And The Future Of Finance


What if everyone involved in a financial transaction could share the same ledger—and it was always up to date? No need for reconciliations, with simultaneous settlements immediately available to all participants, and instant visibility into accounts receivable, the supply chain and virtually all relevant transactions.Indeed, what if there was just one, unimpeachable version of the truth? That is the promise of blockchain more

KPMG: Three Technologies That Will Change The Face Of Auditing


Putting flesh on the bones of technological change in auditing begins with talking to the people who will affect that change—and those most affected by it. To that end, one of the most important findings of the Forbes Insights/KPMG report “Audit 2025” is that four in five respondents—80%—say auditors should use bigger samples and more sophisticated technologies for gathering data and performing analysis in their daily more

KPMG: KPMG launches reverse mentoring scheme


KPMG’s reverse mentoring scheme aims to enable those working at more senior levels to truly understand the challenges those from diverse backgrounds face in the workplace. How is the scheme going so far and what impact will it have on the culture at KPMG?read more

KPMG: Gemma Legg joins KPMG from Grant Thornton


KPMG continues to build its Thames Valley and South Coast Corporate Finance team with its latest recruit of Gemma Legg. She joins the team as corporate finance associate director, based in Reading. A winner of the South East Young Dealmaker of the Year award, Legg was previously based at Grant more

KPMG: Time for law firms to embrace the ‘bots’ and reimagine their workplace


The impact of technology on work has seen humans and machines collaborate, manual tasks automate, agility become the norm, and traditional career paths change. In the legal sector, this disruption presents vast challenges as firms struggle to move from traditional hierarchies, manual research requirements, time-based billing models, and other traditional ways of operating, into tech-empowered models fit for the more

KPMG: CBA, Microsoft startup Wiise generates heat for partner KPMG


PMG Australia is already facing internal pressure to convert the software startup it co-founded with CBA and Microsoft into a globally repeatable model. That pressure continues as the startup, called Wiise, was held up as an example of the kinds of new partnerships that Microsoft wants to strike, at its annual Inspire partner conference in Las Vegas this more