IT solutions on tap


Large-scale alliance model between Anglian Water, Atos, Capgemini and Cognizant is industry first

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Want to become agile? Learn from your IT team says McKinsey’s & Company


Digital technology allows disruptive business models to emerge and expand at previously unimaginable rates. For incumbents, this unlocks a Pandora’s box of uncertainties, with no sector unaffected. Most business leaders know this. But what those disruptions actually look like and which ones businesses should take seriously—that’s a tougher nut to crack. After all, the upheaval of the media, travel, and retailing sectors looks somewhat obvious in hindsight, but it was difficult to predict in advance. And seeing around corners only becomes harder as the pace of change accelerates. That’s why agility—the ability to react quickly to threats and opportunities—is an increasingly critical capability as companies seek to become digital to the more

And so, adieu


On the eve of his departure from these pages, our management consultancy columnist Mick James bewails the fact that the reading public only gains fragmentary glimpses of the impact consultancy makes on their lives. read more

Bringing the best of business into sport


The success of Two Circles is an example of how the evolving world of professional services is breaking down the barriers between industries. Our management consultancy columnist Mick James interviews CEO and co-founder Matt Rogan. read more

Focusing on the next wave


Datatec spin-off Mason Advisory is well equipped to advise clients on critical IT and communications infrastructure but, as leader Steve Watmough tells Mick James, that is just the start. read more

EPAM Becomes The Fastest Rising Company in the Canadian CDN Top 100 Award History


EPAM Systems, Inc, a leading provider of complex product development and software engineering solutions and a leader in Central and Eastern European IT service delivery, was named the rising star on the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers 2013 list. Since 2012, EPAM has moved up 52 places on the list, qualifying as the fastest riser in the award history. read more

Consultants set occupational standards

19-Nov-2009’s management consultancy columnist, Mick James, this week discusses the newly minted new National Occupational Standards for Management and Business Consultancy. read more