WIPRO: What Do Companies Like IBM, Infosys, Wipro Look For In A Data Scientist?


In this data dominated era, it has become crucial to employ analysts who can turn all the raw data into actionable insight for a company. From Fortune 500 companies to a startup company, every company have realised that utilising the huge amount of datasets can improve a business’s bottom line. Hence, data science is on the rise, both from a company’s and employee’s perspective. According to an IBM report, data scientists and advanced analysts are the fastest-growing roles, which are projected to see demand spike by 28 percent by 2020read more

IBM: Ford, GM, IBM Want Transportation To Run On Blockchain


Ford, General Motors, BMW and IBM are among the companies that have joined a consortium that wants to use blockchain to make the auto industry more connected and secure — potentially changing the way automakers and customers track data and pay for vehicles, ride-sharing and insurance.read more

IBM: IBM outlines the 5 attributes of useful AI


A few weeks ago, a dejected CTO told me it took his team three weeks to build a machine learning model. I told him a model in just three weeks sounded great, and he agreed. So why the long face? Because 11 months later, the model was still sitting on a shelf.That gap between great AI prototypes and AI in operation is starting to be a common theme as AI and machine learning make contact with the real world. read more

IBM: IBM Blockchain Joins Sovrin's 'Decentralised' Digital Identity Network To Stem Fraud


IBM and the Sovrin Foundation, a private-sector international non-profit organization, have announced IBM as a “founding Steward” of the Sovrin Network that utilizes the power of a “hybrid” distributed ledger - technology sometimes referred to as a Blockchain. It aims to address the current centralized identity system that costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars every yearread more

IBM: Coffee with Blockchain: Filtering out the hype


Blockchain is a secure way to exchange goods, services, and information among the participants in a network. Using a tangible example (global coffee trading), we'll explain the core concepts of blockchain: smart contracts that automatically execute business logic that the participants agree upon, and a shared, distributed ledger that helps guarantee the quality and lineage of goods or services. We'll also show you how blockchain enables collaboration and encourages new business models to emerge.read more

IBM: Blockchain Talk: IBM Says Blockchain is “really a fundamentally important technology that will change the way the world works”


Just in case anyone in the world still doubts IBM’s commitment to developing blockchain technologies, IBM sounded their bull horn once again by making some rather bold claims. Last month, we highlighted how bullish IBM was about blockchain technology. This past week, IBM’s Senior Vice President of Global Markets upped the ante by claiming that blockchain will change the world. read more