IBM: IBM Expands Strategic Partnership with Samsung


IBM has formed an agreement with Samsung. Samsung is a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, a vendor ecosystem facilitating the development of IBM Power architecture-based customized servers, networking and storage for future data centers and cloud computing, as well as a member of the Q Network to help advance the understanding of applications software in quantum computing for the more

IBM: Global Cloud Computing Market 2018 Scope And Latest Trends 2023: Microsoft Azure, IBM, Amazon Web Services And Aliyun


Global Cloud Computing market 2018 report frames ideas investigation, observes research, investments in features rich services and products, product distinction, technical inventions, and prices. The Cloud Computing industry research highlights the aspects which influence product development and market development together with up-gradations that may boost the market. read more

IBM: IBM to acquire cloud computing firm Red Hat for $34 billion


In a massive deal that could reshape cloud computing, IBM is acquiring open software company Red Hat for $34 billion. The companies called the deal, which still needs approval from shareholders and regulators, the "most significant tech acquisition of 2018." The deal is expected to close in the second half of more

IBM: New IBM Blockchain Smart Recycling TV Commercial: Plastic Bank for Digital Credits to Clean Planet


IBM Blockchain is airing a new Smart Recycling TV commercial to help showcase the Plastic Bank where digital credits can be earned for helping clean up the planet. The pollution of the environment should be a major concern for the entire world. The way that people treat the planet will determine whether or not it is here for future generations, and the efforts are relatively more

IBM: IBM Embraces Blockchain Registry; Crypto Crash Surpasses Dot-Com Bubble Burst


This year’s “Great Crypto Crash” appears to be deepening and has hit a major milestone set by the dot-com bubble, Bloomberg reported. Digital currencies have tumbled from a January high by 80 percent, according to the MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index. That level tops the “peak-to-trough decline” in the Nasdaq Composite Index following the dot-com more

IBM: How to Outsmart the Smart City


Today’s digital world has created new ways to keep us all informed and safe while automating our daily lives. Our phones send us alerts about weather hazards, traffic issues and lost children. We trust these systems since we have no reason not to — but that trust has been tested more

IBM: Blockchain hype may have peaked, but IBM is still a believer


Blockchain euphoria is giving way to blockchain fatigue: Despite the hype, only 1% of executives in a survey reported deploying the technology at their firms. And while corporate management remains bullish about distributed ledgers, mentions of “blockchain” are on the decline during earnings conference more