ThoughtWorks: ThoughtWorks Launches Gauge – A Free and Open Source Test Automation Framework


ThoughtWorks, a global software and digital transformation consultancy, today announced the free availability of its newest open source product, Gauge. Available to download for free, Gauge was built to make test automation easy and to help organisations of all sizes on their journey towards continuous delivery. Gauge creates acceptance tests in any language, integrated development environment or ecosystemread more

Artificial Intelligence demystified


It’s just one small step from a self-driving car to AIs taking over the world and the “end of days” dystopias that Hollywood has popularised in a number of recent films. According to Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Helen Calle, of Fast Future this is, at least, what some would have us believe.

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Microservices: How the future of consulting may start small


In 1610, after months of painstaking work grinding his own lens, Galileo Galilei finally held his new telescope up to the night sky. What he saw astonished him: instead of a few hundred stars, he could see thousands, even millions, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research...

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Automation Will Make Lifelong Learning a Necessary Part of Work


President Emmanuel Macron together with many Silicon Valley CEOs will kicked off the VivaTech conference in Paris with the aim of showcasing the “good” side of technology. Our research highlights some of those benefits, especially the productivity growth and performance gains that automation and artificial intelligence can bring to the economy — and to society more broadly, if these technologies are used to tackle major issues such as fighting disease and tackling climate change. But we also note some critical challenges that need to be overcome. Foremost among them: a massive shift in the skills that we will need in the workplace in the more

How AI Is Helping Improve Employee Experiences


If the use of artificial intelligence in building top customer experiences has been well documented, its use in developing top employee experiences has, to a large extent, been overlooked. However, with the leadership in many organisation beginning to realise that better employee experiences result in better customer engagement with the organisation, they are now starting to look at their employee experiences and how to improve more

Moorhouse Consulting: Five professionals join London-based consulting firm Moorhouse


UK headquartered consultancy Moorhouse has welcomed five new professionals to its London team. Andy Hemsley joins the firm as Client Director and Leader of Financial Services Sector at Moorhouse, Nikitha Yereddi and Emily Blampied both arrive as Senior Consultants, Tom Clark has been appointed as an Account Development Manager, while Clarke Dodd begins life at Moorhouse as a Management more

Deloitte: Blockchain Could 'Revolutionise' Retail and CPG Industries: Deloitte


A new report from "Big Four" auditing firm Deloitte argues that blockchain integrations across retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) could "revolutionize" the industries. The report, titled "New tech on the block," examined 50 blockchain use cases within the two sectors – across three general categories of business: consumer, supply chain and payments and contracts – and scoring them for the "added value" they could create, as per Deloitte's more