Capgemini UK plc: Ad-blocking and the future of mobile advertising


While scrolling through my phone trying to read the news one morning this week, I almost lost count of the number of ads my eyes glanced at. It’s no doubt that it can often feel quite overwhelming; the level of information fatigue people experience these days is greater than ever more

Capgemini UK plc: Are schools finding it difficult to keep up with technology?


Capgemini UK Chairman Christine Hodgson has spoken out about the lack of digital skills in the UK, stating that digital skills education in schools is patchy. According to Hodgson, schools are finding it difficult to keep up with technology as it changes so often. The increase in non-tech jobs requiring technical knowledge means that people across all sectors need to learn how to use technology. read more

Capgemini UK plc: BBC News - What does shake-up of EU data laws really mean?


The data protection regulation's stated aim is to give citizens back control of their personal data as well as simplifying the regulatory environment. It could mean huge fines for companies that breach the law and offer some complex problems about how they store, delete and return data to citizens. Here is a quick guide to what is involved. read more