2016 proves to be a good year for Africa’s consulting market


2016 was a good year for Africa’s consulting market, with the continent’s 19 largest markets collectively growing 6.3 per cent to reach a total value of $2.19billion. This performance was achieved despite growth in GDP slowing in many African nations as economies continue to suffer because of low commodities prices and political uncertainty.

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BearingPoint appoints three new regional leaders


Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint is entering an accelerated growth path to its target of €1 billion in revenue by 2020. Having established presences in China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, the UAE and the US over the last three years, BearingPoint has reorganized its regional structure and appointed three new regional leaders to ensure sustainable growth and agility; it will also have a greater focus on innovation and globalization. read more

DACH region most attractive consulting market for 2017


The latest ranking of the world’s most attractive consulting markets published annually by the leading research and strategy firm for the global management consulting industry, Source Global Research – puts the DACH region ahead of all other markets around the world for 2017. The Global Market Attractiveness Index, now in its fourth year, ranked Australia second, the UK third, the US fourth and the GCC fifth.

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Is the tide turning in the German consulting market?


The overarching narrative within the consulting market over the last decade has been about the inexorable decline of traditional strategy consulting, and of a more practical, implementation-focused brand of consulting emerging in its place

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BearingPoint: Digital Ecosystem Management


In today's digital world, growth is the big challenge - and the big opportunity. So how do you grow in a low-growth world? By taking inspiration from the companies that are growing - not just a little, but exponentially. read more