Transformation depends on people, not technology


“They’ve done it again!”, said a recent client we interviewed. “They’ve sold us on promises about brilliant new technology and streamlined processes, and they’ve ignored the fact that success depends on people.” - writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research... read more

BBC: Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?


We're at an unprecedented point in human history where artificially intelligent machines could soon be making decisions that affect many aspects of our lives. But what if we don't know how they reached their decisions? Would it matter?read more

WeAreTheCity Reveal Top 100 Female Rising Stars Across 20 Industries


Today WeAreTheCity released the names of its top 100 female Rising Stars as part of its Annual Awards Programme, to celebrate the female talent pipeline across the UK. The prestigious Rising Star awards, now in its third year, aim to showcase the sheer volume of female talent that exists across our industries and to create role models for the future.

read more

Why we play the blame game


As we are seeing all too vividly at Euro 2016, when the team loses, the manager is usually the first person to get the blame. read more

Capgemini UK plc: BBC News - What does shake-up of EU data laws really mean?


The data protection regulation's stated aim is to give citizens back control of their personal data as well as simplifying the regulatory environment. It could mean huge fines for companies that breach the law and offer some complex problems about how they store, delete and return data to citizens. Here is a quick guide to what is involved. read more

Molten: The millennial generation shaking up the workplace rules - BBC


Virgin Group recently held what it called "a corporate day" asking its employees to behave in the way many traditional firms require - for just one day. Staff had to wear formal business wear, arrive at 9am, use the titles Mr and Mrs, couldn't look at social media and weren't allowed to make personal calls. "It was a horrible experience for everybody," says Sir Richard more

KPMG: McKinsey & Company and KPMG on the value of Consultancy via BBC


A consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then keeps your watch, so the joke goes. The fact that the jokes endure hint at the sense of controversy that surrounds the profession; what does a management consultant really do and more pertinently are they really worth their often exorbitant fees? read more