Unisys: Mastering the Internet of Things


By all projections, big data and the Internet of Things are poised for huge growth in the coming years. In the age of big data and IoT, the well-known, but often misunderstood, area of Master Data Management is the essential tool for bringing meaning and insight to troves of raw data.read more

REPL Consulting: Why Workforce Management Software Is the Way Forward!


Companies choose to implement workforce management and mobile tools to enhance their workforce and improve customer satisfaction. Workforce mobility apps allow managers to; input and edit schedules, confirm availability, clock in and out, set work preferences and much more! In addition, by harnessing the power of mobile, employees can balance their work-life better whilst achieving cost savings. read more

The real cost of Brexit


Brexit? Article 50? We don’t care anymore. Or at least that’s the impression we’re getting from clients in the UK, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source. read more

CEB: Gartner Completes Acquisition of CEB


Gartner the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of CEB, the industry leader in providing best practice and talent management insights.read more

ABN AMRO Clearing Selects Cognizant as Strategic Partner to Cloud-Enable Global IT Infrastructure


Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) today announced that it has been selected by ABN AMRO Clearing (AACB), a leading global clearing firm, as its strategic partner to cloud-enable its global IT infrastructure and lay the foundation for digital transformation. This will enable AACB to increase operational resilience and application availability, enhance speed and agility in managing market volatility, and lower capital investment and operating costs. read more

ThoughtWorks: The New Tech Industry Macro Trends


We publish our Technology Radar twice a year: it’s a snapshot of the major technologies and trends that glean from our work, partnering on our clients' most ambitious projects. In this piece, we highlight some of the wider trends that emerge from compiling the Radar, but which aren't covered directly.​read more

When big consulting ceases to be beautiful


Size has long mattered in the consulting industry: in the last five years, we estimate that firms with more than 1,000 consultants have grown by 46%, 2.3 times the rate of smaller ones, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source. read more

Commuters in consultancy sector say enough’s enough as three in five plan for flexible working increase


2016 was widely reported as an annus horribillis for UK commuters with strikes, faults, delays and rising prices combining to create a perfect storm of frustration and misery. This year it appears the tipping point has been reached, with almost three in five workers in the consultancy sector re-thinking travel arrangements for the coming months, according to new research from global workspace provider Regus.

read more

Deloitte: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy


Every year, many companies convene their sharpest thinkers to develop strategies to guide initiatives aimed at entering new markets, capturing greater market share, becoming more profitable, or otherwise improving some aspect of the business. read more