Leading food sector management consultant, Coriolis, has launched the world’s first cloud-based factory performance software system specifically designed for use by food manufacturers.

Its proprietary software system, MIMO which stands for minimum in – maximum out, has been developed by Coriolis’ experienced team to help food manufacturers to monitor and more effectively improve key factory performance indicators such as productivity, operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), waste and yields.

The product, which can be tailored to large or small companies, provides a cost-effective solution whether that be to a small start-up taking its first steps in OEE measurement or a multinational corporation which requires a fully automated multisite reporting system.

As the name suggests, the system operates on the principle of minimal input from the manufacturer delivering maximum outputs to the bottom line. The software can be fully automated and linked directly to production lines and other systems or alternatively data can be inputted through a PC terminal, tablet or any other web enabled device in seconds.
Once installed, the system goes beyond producing the standard daily and weekly production reports by providing unique product analysis such as product mixture evaluation or providing the true cost of a material by supplier with real-time yields taken into account.

Mark Schubert, director at Coriolis said: “All organisations capture data, but few generate information. We have developed this system with the end user in mind and are keenly aware that food manufacturers often operate on very tight margins. The advantage of having a cloud based system is that the information can be accessed from anywhere and it can be updated via any web-enabled device.

“The correct implementation of MIMO will lead to a positive impact on manufacturers’ bottom line but, factory based performance systems are only as good as the individuals and processes that interact with them. We describe this relationship as an eco-system which helps users understand that implementing the system is not a silver bullet in and of itself.”

To ensure that manufacturers get the very best out of the system, Coriolis’ team will advise on its implementation, ensure it is integrated with existing management systems and provide on-going staff support.