New book Profit Upgrade helps companies profit during the credit crunch.

Free business book reveals secrets of Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne

Have you ever wondered how TV's long serving business dragon, Duncan Bannatyne, can spend so much time on TV and still grow a multi-million pound company? Each year his value in the Sunday Times Rich List increases, yet he spends more and more time on TV. How does he do this?

Best-selling business author Richard Parkes Cordock offers the answer, and explains all in his new book Profit Upgrade which he is making available for free as a digital PDF download at

Written for business leaders and managers who are seeking new ways to grow their organisation's profits in these challenging economic times, Cordock suggests that one of the keys to Duncan's success is that he has people around him who think like him, and make decisions like him - a business owner. In his absence, while on TV, Bannatyne knows he has people running his companies, who when faced with any challenge, ask themselves: "What would Duncan do in this situation?" and "What would I do if I was the owner of this business?"

Cordock, who has interviewed over 50 of the UK's most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, first met Bannatyne some years ago before he became famous as a Dragon on TV.

At that meeting in London's Park Lane hotel in Piccadilly, Bannatyne explained that he had a board meeting the following day, but hadn't looked at the accounts, because he knew they were going to be fantastic. "At the time, the relevance of that comment passed me by" recalls Cordock, "but now I see this is a result of Duncan having people around him who think, act and make decisions like him, a business owner."

In his new book he explains how business leaders and managers of companies of any size can train their staff to think more like Bannatyne.

Echoing the comments of captains of industry such as Sir Stuart Rose of M&S, Mervyn Davis, chairman of Standard Chartered Plc and Sir Michael Rake, chairman of BT Group Plc, who recently took out full page adverts in the Sunday newspapers to promote the need for employee training, Cordock too believes training and people development are the key to sustainable profit growth, and most importantly are the key to staying ahead during these difficult credit crunch times.

Explaining the reason for making his new book available for free, the author suggests: "Many companies have slashed their training budgets and for that reason, I am making my new book Profit Upgrade available for free. In it, I've included a complete 20 module training plan which companies can follow to boost their profits by getting their employees and managers thinking a little more like a passionate, confident, customer-focused, creative, profit-conscious business owner, someone just like Duncan." read more