The UK comes second only to the United States in its environment for e-commerce, according to a report on the G7 countries, Sweden and Australia by Booz Allen Hamilton, supported by international business school, INSEAD.

The report, "International e-Economy Benchmarking - The World’s Most Effective Policies For The e-Economy" was commissioned in March 2002, when Booz Allen Hamilton were retained by the British Government’s Office of the E-Envoy
and the Department of Trade and Industry

The project’s aims were:

1. To provide an assessment of the UK’s level of progress towards its target of becoming ‘the best environment in the world for e-commerce’.

2. To explain why some countries have achieved superior performance in particular areas of their broader e-economy; either through high impact policy initiatives, or through environmental factors.

3. To identify and share best practice policies with collaborating countries.

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