50 million users is a magic threshold for adoption. It took the telephone 75 years. Television reached this mark in 13 years. Twitter took nine months. And Pokémon Go did it in just 35 days.

This story was perfect to start my talk at the Infor Executive Forum, a C-suite gathering in September that addressed digital transformation themes. Between the buzz in the room and the presentation agenda, one thing was clear to me. Digital disruption is here to stay. The leaders I spoke with were not just interested in talk. They were interested in action—in concrete approaches for addressing disruption. Accenture Operations works with our clients every day to bring this to life.

It’s no wonder that the Executive Forum attendees were so eager for fresh ideas for tackling disruption. After all, disruption is more than radical change. It is rapid change.

As I discussed at the event this is especially true for the supply chain. Customers and marketplaces are evolving fast, and supply chains should too. Tomorrow’s supply chain is expected to/should be highly-interconnected and asset lite, anticipating shifts in demand with an intelligent digital backbone.

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By: Tushar Narsana from Accenture

Global Supply Chain Business Process Services Lead
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