Today, on behalf of its founding partners, Qlik® is pleased to welcome Accenture to the Data Literacy Project. Accenture joins as a founding partner, committing to the Project’s mission to build a data literate culture across the world.

The Data Literacy Project, launched this October, is a community dedicated to making society fluent in the language of data, and places data literacy at the heart of individual and organisational success.

The Project will provide individuals and organisations with extensive educational and professional training materials, interactive assessment tools and access to a community of experts. The community will not only support personal skills development, but also promote greater understanding around the importance of creating a data-driven culture within business.

The founding partners will drive the Project’s agenda, provide educational resources and training, and ensure it achieves its mission.

“As data becomes increasingly critical to every stage of the business decision making process, it must also become increasingly trustworthy. Individuals must be able to trust the integrity of the data and recommendations being provided by analytics,” said Sanjeev Vohra, Group Technology Officer of Accenture Technology Services and Global Lead for Business Data Group. “Data literacy is an essential skill that enables us to probe and question information before making critical decisions. That’s why we’re committed to the Data Literacy Project’s mission of inspiring major organisations globally to make data literacy an imperative and will be providing guidance to individuals as they take their next steps on their data literacy journey.”

“We’re excited to have Accenture as a founding partner in the Data Literacy Project,” said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO. “Accenture excels in implementing solutions that help build intelligent enterprises, and fully understands the business value of data literacy that was outlined in our recent Data Literacy Index global research. Accenture will be a great partner to the project in helping organisations understand their role in creating a more data literate world.”

For more information on how to get involved in the Data Literacy Project, visit:

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