The Japan market—a tough nut to crack for consulting firms in the past—is generating quite a buzz.As organisations start to use consultants more than ever before, consulting firms are sensing huge opportunities and are acting fast, which is intensifying competition... writes Callum Jack of Source Global Research.

In the past, Japanese business leaders were loath to spend on consultants for two reasons. First, the culture of international consulting firms didn’t always fit with the Japanese way of doing things. Differences in etiquette, hierarchical structures, and decision-making processes made it very difficult for firms to build strong client relationships. Second, Japanese clients—already sceptical about buying anything intangible—didn’t see the value in buying consulting advice if you couldn’t measure its impact. As a result, the Japan consulting market, valued at just US$1.4bn, is much smaller than its counterparts in other mature economies like the UK, where the consulting market is worth US$10bn and in a much smaller economy.

These challenges have hitherto prevented international consulting firms from really pushing to establish their presence in Japan. However, many of the consulting leaders we’ve spoken with recently are now investing heavily in Japan, and they cite four reasons for their new-found optimism: