The UK Telecoms market is saturated, making it harder for new players to enter and for established telcos to grow–a pattern replicated in mature markets across the world. Market saturation is often misinterpreted as a lack of opportunity, when in fact it is a sign of overall product commoditisation and the corresponding shift in consumer expectation. Market saturation doesn’t mean market stagnation–it’s a chance for companies to be bolder and smarter in an environment where customers will increasingly see Telcos as utility companies.

In a series of perspectives, Moorhouse will explore the many avenues on offer to Technology, Media & Telecommunications players, new and old. From savvy market acquisitions, to brand-defining products, and competitor-beating loyalty offers, there are pockets of opportunity that allow for growth. Capitalising on these areas will allow companies to reap the rewards at the edge, respond to the opportunities presented by new technologies, and simultaneously build a strong basis for future innovation.

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By: Amy Carter and Kristina Bugeja - Consultants at Moorhouse Consulting.comread more