Essilor announces that employee shareholding worldwide is set to surpass 50%, exceeding the goal of 35% that had initially been set for 2020. With a record subscription by international employees to the Group’s latest plan, the number of employees
with a financial participation in the company rises to over 35,000.

The Company launched a new International Employee Shareholding Plan in September 2017 to consolidate and further expand employees’ involvement in the Group’s continuous growth story. 68% of employees in 14 key countries outside France have subscribed to the plan, bringing the percentage of employee shareholders to over 50% worldwide by November 30th, compared to 21% in 2016.

Employee shareholding has been integral to Essilor’s history, culture and business model for over 170 years. It is key to both the Group’s long-term success and sustainability thanks to the alignment of employees’ individual interests with the company’s Mission and strategy. In addition, employee shareholders enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a unique governance that encourages employees’ participation in Essilor’s decision-making process.

Hubert Sagnières, Essilor’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, declared: “This extraordinary result is a strong endorsement by our employees of the Group’s Mission and strategy and I would like to thank them all. It also adds to our responsibility to keep pursuing our fight against poor vision around the world. Active employee shareholding plays an important role in our governance model, and helps to further consolidate our employees’ sense of commitment to the Group’s development. Alongside relentless innovation and our ongoing strategy of acquisitions and partnerships, employee shareholding is a key factor of our long-term growth. Going forward, Essilor’s ambition is to continue strengthening the Group’s shareholding culture among all its employees across the world.”
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