This year’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2017 focused on Mental Health in the workplace - a major issue faced by employers today, but one that can start to be addressed by creating an open culture in the workplace, according to Laura Davis, Managing Director of Hampshire-based HR Consultancy, Reality HR.

Over 70 million working days are lost each year as a result of poor mental health, which has a huge impact in the workplace due to sickness absence, increased staff turnover and lost productivity.

Laura commented: “Good mental health should be a priority for any business and implementing an open and caring approach needs to come from the top down. Encourage your senior team to speak out on the issue, even drawing on their own experience if it’s appropriate.”

Companies should also develop a mental health policy and communicate it to employees through staff newsletters and encourage discussions in team meetings about mental health; ‘Tea and Talk’ sessions can be very helpful. Conducting regular surveys to check on wellbeing and feeding back results will also demonstrate that the company takes the subject of mental health seriously.

Laura added: “I would also encourage employers to review work plans and job descriptions to make sure they are clear and realistic – if they are not, this could contribute towards the mental distress of your employees. Review them regularly with all employees and focus on the positive impact of their efforts.”

If you need support to create an ongoing Mental Health strategy for your business, please give Reality HR a call on 01256 328428,
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