Consultancies Deloitte and EY have been shortlisted for a ComRes Belief At Work Award, nominated by their employees.

The new awards scheme celebrating excellence in employer relations relating to religion and belief gathers evidence based on the experiences of colleagues within the organisation, to assess whether and how the organisation has developed a workplace culture where people of all faiths and none can thrive.

‘We have received some inspiring nominations from people feeling very supported in the workplace, and able to bring their whole selves to work,’ says Katie Harrison, Director of ComRes Faith Research Centre. ‘It is hugely encouraging to hear of the ways employers are listening well to their colleagues, and the hugely positive effect this has on motivation and confidence.’

Faith networks, events and opportunities to observe religious festivals and holy days are described by employees as helpful ways to motivate people of all faiths and none.

‘There is a common consensus that people’s experience at work comes down to two things: the organisational culture modelled by leaders, and the direct rapport with a line manager,’ says Katie Harrison. ‘Where employers are sending helpful messages around the whole of the organisation by making provision, naming expectations and modelling good listening, an overall culture becomes established. And when someone feels heard and understood by their line manager, they feel able to bring their whole self to work and their experience of the workplace is much richer.’

Emma Codd, Managing Partner for Talent, Deloitte UK, said:

‘I am delighted and very proud that Deloitte has been shortlisted for this award by ComRes. Having an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect and is recognised for the for the value they can bring is very important to us, and ensuring that people of all faiths and none are able to fully be themselves and can thrive both personally and professionally is a key part of creating that environment.’

The Belief At Work Awards reflect ComRes’s expertise in research and consultancy to help organisations develop employer brands which attract talent from among all faiths and none, and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. The Belief At Work study, published earlier this year, found that religiously practising people were more likely to say that they worked for an employer who made provision for religious observance, and identified a disparity between HR managers and workers relating to levels of confidence in the diversity offer

Judges for the 2017 Belief At Work Awards include:

• Julie Etchingham, journalist and broadcaster

• Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive: NHS Employers

• Stephen Cox, Fujitsu

• Padideh Sabeti, Bahai Society

• Russell Parsons, Editor: Marketing Week

• Stephanie Biden, Bates Wells Braithwaite

• Ken Costa, God At Work

• Mark Greene, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

• Andrew Hawkins, ComRes
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