In 2012 Creative Nature was a brand that was struggling and sinking with heavy losses. It sold a wide range of products that weren’t sonorous with its current healthy food image. That was until 22 year old Julianne Ponan took a large risk and bought the brand.

Within the first month she wielded the axe, cutting the product range drastically to focus on Super Foods, a range she believed would turn the company around.

What is remarkable is that Julianne has anaphylaxis, a severe allergy to nuts, seeds and some additives which means if she comes in contact with them it’s a life threatening emergency. From her experiences she knew that most health bars contain nuts and seeds, this opening the door for a new Creative Nature range that could be allergy free. 4 new superfood bars where launched in 2013 and listed in 300 Holland and Barrett within a few weeks, by the end of 2013 Creative Nature was no longer suffering losses and had stabilised.

In 2014 she led them to three commended awards in the FreeFrom awards, one product Maca Powder was the first ever single ingredient food to win an award. A few months later she pitched got Creative Nature listed in Tesco and Ocado. In December 2014 Julianne won the National Natwest award for Women Entrepreneurs, a great achievement that showed Julianne’s business acumen within the food industry.

Since taking over Creative Nature Julianne has turned it from a loss making company to a company with multi-million pound turnover. Recently getting the range listed in 1,200 Lloyds Pharmacy branches and into Asda. Julianne recently won the Guardian Small Business Leader of the Year 2016 and has been listed in Management Today’s ’35 Women under 35’
With her focused mindset and can-do attitude, she has led Creative Nature into many high street stores. She has created mouth-watering bars and mixes that appeal to a wide range of consumers and proved her business skills by turning Creative Nature’s balance sheet from negative too positive.

All Creative Nature products are made from premium quality super foods 100% Natural & 100% Organic and there ever expanding range caters for all allergens and food intolerance's. Visit Creative Nature for more information on their range.
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