"Your ideal management consultancy candidate is out there. Working with a specialist management consultancy recruiter you will find great candidates but can you secure them?" asks Chris Sale of Prism. In order to optimise the recruitment process to secure the perfect candidate it’s important to prepare before advertising, otherwise you risk failing to attract your ideal candidate or losing them at the offer stage.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process is potentially the candidate’s first direct interaction with your company; if it is sloppy it creates a bad impression, untimely and you may lose the perfect candidate to a more efficient competitor. An efficient recruitment process is vital. When reviewing your recruitment process the candidate experience is key. Meghan Biro, Forbes, suggests walking in the job seeker’s shoes, personalising the process and bringing employees into the process.

“As you design or improve your hiring process, keep the applicant experience front and centre at all times. Yes, this is about fulfilling your organisation’s needs, but the more you understand and design the process from the applicant’s point of view, the more successful you will be.” - Meghan Biro, Forbes

Brand perception

In this digital age, information regarding your management consultancy company is easily accessible. Just as the new graduate fresh out of university removes his/her drunken photos from their social media accounts before applying for jobs, it is important companies update regularly and remove outdated information on social media.