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PwC PwC on the benefits of cheap oil to the UK

News Image The significant fall in oil prices since mid-2014 should increase overall UK economic activity as the cost of production decreases for businesses, especially for those that are heavily dependent on oil inputs. This will boost both investment and employment.

Accenture A review of how science and Analytics May Reshape Business and Talent Practices

As new insights into brain science and human behavior are now being made at unprecedented levels by scientists worldwide—and as analytics finally enable organizations to test hypotheses and form conclusions by analyzing a newly available treasure trove of big data—HR will begin to arm itself with the tools and insights of a scientist to drive significantly better performance from their workforces and improved business outcomes.

Agilisys Women should not work harder than men to be recognised in tech

News Image "She came up the ranks first as an engineer, then a CTO, and just landed the US CEO role at a highly watched electric vehicle startup NextEV. Smart, articulate, and poised, Warrior rarely says anything that could be considered controversial or offensive. But if you want to see her eyes glow and her tongue get sharp, just ask her about how women engineers are still struggling to find acceptance in the tech industry...

Kurt Salmon Associates Digital Analytics Trends for 2016…

News Image When asked by Linus Gregoriadis, Global Director of Research & Intelligence at contentive (publishers of ClickZ), to discuss my thoughts on the latest digital marketing trends, I was of course flattered. These are his questions and my answers (ClickZ will publish their full industry report in Jan 2016).

Capgemini UK plc Top 5 Retail Innovations of 2015

News Image In an industry as competitive as retail, innovation is what distinguishes the leaders from the laggards. Looking back on 2015, here are the top 5 innovative trends I've seen retailers leverage to revitalize customer experiences and drive ROI.

Capgemini Consulting Service Integration that Accelerates Business Transformation

News Image Service Integration has made the transition from novel concept to strategic imperative at most large enterprises. It is now seen as the key to solving all kinds of challenges - from improving the quality and consistency of IT services, to streamlining IT operations, to meeting the challenges of supplier management in an increasingly multi-sourced environment.

Strategy& OrgDNA: The key to unlocking your company's potential

News Image This graphic offers a brief overview of OrgDNA - the combination of formal and informal traits that shape a company's 'personality' as well as the seven organizational profile types, as distilled by PwC's Strategy& over more than a decade of research. What's your company's type? '

KPMG KPMG Announces Yoyo Wallet As One Of The Top 50 Global Fintech Companies

News Image Yoyo Wallet is the fastest growing mobile wallet in the UK and is already making its way to the US. In just two years since its inception, Yoyo has created a smart wallet platform that enables retailers to not only accept in-store mobile payments, but also automate loyalty, and instantly deliver rewards to customers based on their purchasing habits.

Alsbridge plc Manufacturing CIOs: Don’t Ignore SMAC for Innovation

News Image CIOs at manufacturing companies have a reputation as no-frills, no-nonsense types with a knee-jerk aversion to technology fads and the The Next Big Thing. That's for the dot com guys, right? Whether this attitude reflects the nature of the industry, an inherent personality type or the fact that IT budgets in the space are notoriously lean is open to debate. Regardless, manufacturing CIOs who dismiss emerging technologies as hype are missing an opportunity to drive significant benefit.