MCA announces finalists for 2019 consultancy awards


The MCA, the Management Consultancies Association, is delighted to announce that 40 of the UK’s leading consulting firms have been shortlisted in the MCA Awards. PwC lead with 11 finalists, followed very closely by EY with 9 and Coeus Consulting with 7. The UK’s specialist SME consulting firms are well represented this year, with 22 firms making it through to the interview stage. Every year the MCA Awards provide a unique opportunity to see the work that consultants are producing across the country for both the public and private sector, providing value to the UK economy and wider society. Finalists have been recognised for the challenging issues and projects they have completed with positive client feedback and support. Many big name firms and organisations are represented in the work carried out by consultancies this year including Network Rail, Dixons Carphone, Transport for London, the NHS, E.on, Thomas Cook Money and Central Government.
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How Bankers Can Slice Through Chatbot Hype And Get it Right


Chatbots, virtual assistants, conversational AI … even the names are confusing. But these text- and voice-powered software options offer very real promise to improve the customer experience. It's not a quick process, however, as BofA's Erica journey has shown. Two experts help sort through the myths and realities and suggest best ways to implement this important retail banking channelread more

ThoughtWorks: Building the world's first enterprise-level blockchain platform


VAKT is a new organisation, funded by nine leading energy companies and banks, with the aim of transforming the global commodities trading industry. Traditionally, the post-trade process would involve both parties checking paperwork and changing records on separate, manual systems, which is time-consuming and error-prone. ThoughtWorks leveraged blockchain technology to build a digital platform, allowing all parties to manage that process in the same place for the very first time. read more

Five Innovation Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019


The banking industry is beginning to incorporate the traits and practices that were once the domain of fintech startups. Banks and credit unions have become more comfortable with a faster pace of innovation, using data and analytics more extensively and digitising processes as opposed to simply turning paper into more

KPMG: HMV appoints KPMG for second administration in six years


UK entertainment retailer HMV has appointed joint administrators from KPMG to oversee the sale or closure of its business. HMV’s second administration in the last six years comes after disappointing Christmas trading results and a wider market fall in British retail made it succumb to a “tsunami of challenges” facing the UK high street in more

IBM: IBM Expands Strategic Partnership with Samsung


IBM has formed an agreement with Samsung. Samsung is a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, a vendor ecosystem facilitating the development of IBM Power architecture-based customized servers, networking and storage for future data centers and cloud computing, as well as a member of the Q Network to help advance the understanding of applications software in quantum computing for the more

Deloitte: The Industry 4.0 paradox


With the vast opportunity offered by Industry 4.0, a Deloitte global survey explored how companies plan to invest in digital transformation, revealing several disconnects between strategy and more

Forbes: How Industry Leaders Should Think About Cybersecurity


It’s no surprise that when businesses experience data breaches, they are subject to severe penalties. Keeping information available, confidential and integral is the everlasting guiding principle to good cybersecurity. The core principles remain the same, but the threat landscape is constantly changing and deserves continual more

8 old technologies that still play roles in security


It’s easy to assume newer is better, but technology that has been around for decades or longer still has a place in cybersecurity. In some cases, it is difficult to hack and therefore less vulnerable. In others, it just continues to be the best option for a very specific more

PwC: PWC - we discuss what we can expect in the lead up to March 2019.


Welcome to our podcast series covering Brexit-related events and issues affecting business and the economy. Throughout the Brexit process, our subject matter experts will be sharing their perspectives on the key challenges ahead, helping you to better understand how the UK leaving the EU will affect you and your more

PA Consulting Group: Driving into a low emissions future


Minds have been increasingly focused on the European Union 2021 CO₂ emissions targets. According to our latest analysis, some car makers have got their strategy right and will meet their targets easily, but others have woken up too late and will struggle. While many of these late risers have plans for new low emission models, it will be hard for them to implement their plans fast enough to make a real more

Blockchain-based mapping hopes to replace GPS. Can it be trusted?


Cryptocurrencies have had a rough year. Bitcoin has crashed more than 75 percent since its peak, and its competitors are faring no better. Even if the bubble has burst on non-fiat currency, the technology underlying those coins, the blockchain—which offers a way to record and validate transactions without a central authority, such as a bank or government—still excites many speculators outside more

PwC: Chatta disrupts learning


The potential for technology is not new in education, many of the big technology providers have developed educational products. However, to date they have chosen two traditional channels either to publish content or monitor pupil progress online. Chatta has created a new method of teaching online. This has meant there is no existing market, Chatta have had to rely on early adopters and innovators to take a risk and help them secure market traction. read more

PwC: Bringing disruptive technology to city streets across the world


FiveAI is a UK technology start-up bringing together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to deliver a fully autonomous shared transport service for Europe’s cities. Operating out of six UK locations, the company already has prototype cars out and about in the UK, and is planning its first full service trial for commuters in London by early more

7 Factors to Help Ensure Digital Workplace Success


There are many different ways of benchmarking the success or failures of a digital workplace. However, it is less obvious what makes a successful digital workplace and how it functions. Technology is now such a central part of the overall work experience that you can’t separate it from the people agendaread more

Global risk services market set to pass US$80bn by 2020


Following growth of 7% to US$62bn in 2017, a new report today estimates that growth in the global risk services market will accelerate to more than 10% in 2019, with the value of the market passing US$80bn by 2020. This will be an uplift of almost US$30bn (over 50% growth) in just five years. read more

Tribal Newchurch: Top drivers for UK education cloud adoption


With cloud spending within UK education predicted to increase to £125m by 2020/21 some might be forgiven for thinking that moving to the cloud is an objective in itself. Fortunately, education leaders are seeing beyond the technological implementation side of things and focusing on the outcomes cloud brings more

Infosys Consulting: Infosys to double employees’ salary


Infosys, India’s second-largest IT services company, has been one of the biggest recruiter of IT professionals in the country amid the big tech players such as Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra. To what it seems like a good news for Infosys employees, the Bengaluru-headquartered IT behemoth is planning to upskill its employees in an aim to reduce attrition rate and double their more