Gartner: Architexit: Brexit for Enterprise Architects


My most recent research on (“Architexit: What Enterprise Architects Must Do in the Face of Brexit“) highlights how enterprise architects can help business and IT leaders plan, manage, and engage with disruptive forces; more specifically, it’s about more

IBM: Macy’s has launched an in-store AI assistant powered by IBM’s Watson


The new assistant is called "Macy's On Call" and comes in the form of a mobile web app users can access on their smartphone. The assistant, which is powered by IBM's Watson AI, allows shoppers in specific Macy's stores to input natural language questions regarding the store's product assortment, services, and facilities and get customized responses, according to a company press release. read more

PwC: The sharing economy grows up: How the UK has embraced the sharing economy


Our recent study for the European Commission shows that sharing economy activity across Europe has accelerated over the past two years, with its five key sectors generating revenues of €3.6bn and facilitating €28bn of transactions in 2015. The UK has emerged as a hub for the sharing economy within the region and contributed to around a third of this activity in 2015. read more

KPMG: KPMG Study: Just One-Third of CEOs Trust Data Analytics


According to a new study, only one-third of CEOs have a high-level of trust in the accuracy of their Data Analytics. The report, which was conducted by KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services, polled 400 chief executives to reveal how CEOs are leading in times of extraordinary change. read more

Accenture: Poor data management threatens to hurt insurers in the digital economy


I have a high regard for my insurance provider. But there's one thing the company does that troubles me. Every few months it sends letters to my home addressed to two former tenants. This is irritating. But it's also worrying. It tells me the company is not managing its data properly. The tenants moved long ago and yet my insurer hasn't updated its more

Pricing: the beginning and the end of the discussion


Every time we do some research into what clients are looking for when choosing between consulting firms, they tell us that price is fairly low down their list of considerations. Every time we tell that to a consulting firm we get laughed at: fee rates, they tell us, are crucial, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source. read more

Gartner: Unrest Across Europe is Causing Supply Chain Disruption via


Tighter border controls could impact trade. Contributor: Laurence Goasduff It's been 31 years since the Schengen Agreement first proposed the gradual abolition of border checks across much of Europe. In that time, Europeans have become accustomed to crossing into other countries freely and without security checks. The same holds true for shippers moving cargo throughout the 25 nations that are included as Schengen states. read more

KPMG: Automotive opportunities beyond Brexit


Following the Brexit announcement, the British automotive industry has been singled out as potentially one of the most negatively impacted sectors. Across the water however, opportunities exist in a growing Irish automotive more

Accenture: Fluid. Fast. Flexible. Meet today’s liquid workforce.


The composition of the workforce is changing. Digital has generated a more fluid workforce that can go where help is needed. Have a sick child? Digital services allow you to Skype with a paediatrician. Struggling with a high-risk pregnancy issue? Through virtual technology, a specialist in New York can treat an ailing patient in New more

On feeling stateless


I never knew how much I loved my country till I became ashamed of it, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source. read more

The Automaton versus the Chameleon - Wayne Campbell, Molten


In his piece Wayne discusses the importance of assimilation and adaptation within the consulting environment. He looks at whether a modern day consultant can be an Automaton, or whether they need to be a Chameleon; operating within different cultures, empathising, listening and bringing insight and experience. read more