IBM: IBM Watson now understands if you’re happy, sad or angry from the tone of your voice


Natural language processing has come a long way in the last few years, as digital assistants such as Apple Inc.’s Siri being able to listen to human speech and understand exactly what was said and then acting on those words. But true understanding of human speech involves a lot more than simply comprehending people’s words, because the manner in which people speak also plays a key role in how others will interpret more

ThoughtWorks: Idea to product: the working model


A McKinsey report talks about how product excellence provides a key competitive advantage to companies that master their intricacies. However, consistently achieving high performance in this area remains a constant challenge for even the most innovative more

Upturn in fortunes for Italy’s consulting market


With companies focusing on growth and digital initiatives across many industries in Italy, the consulting market recorded revenue growth of 4.3 per cent to reach a market value of €1.2billion in 2016. This was despite another year of low economic growth in Italy, demonstrating that the consulting market has the resilience to perform well even in a challenging environment. read more

Unisys: 3 ways to massively fail with machine learning (and one key to success)


Though everyone seems to be piling on the machine learning bandwagon, it's a game that only the rich can play. While open source machine learning projects like Google's TensorFlow and Amazon's DSSTNE lower the bar to would-be machine learning engineers, resolving the skills deficit that Gartner analyst Merv Adrian called the biggest hurdle to machine learning success, no amount of training can resolve a thornier issue: Lack of more

Accenture Positioned Furthest and Highest in Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ Report for Procurement Outsourcing 2017


For the second consecutive year, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been recognized as the overall Leader and Star Performer in the Everest Group Procurement Outsourcing – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2017. Accenture leads in both Market Success, based on revenue, number of clients and year-over-year revenue growth, as well as Delivery Capability for its scale, scope, technology and innovation, delivery footprint, and buyer satisfaction. read more

PA Consulting Group: Was WannaCry the wake-up call for global IT security?


Ken Allan, security expert at PA Consulting Group shares his insights on the recent WannaCry ransomware which brought global systems to a standstill. The article notes that Friday May 12 may be seen as a turning point for global IT security – the date when the Wannacry ransomware code infected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries in the space of a few days. read more

ThoughtWorks: ThoughtWorks Releases First-Ever Report on Courageous Leadership Among Successful C-Suite Executives


Today, ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy released a first of its kind report, "The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives", revealing what sets top business leaders apart from their competition. The report profiles an elite segment of C-Suite leaders referred to as "Courageous Executives" in the US, the UK, Australia and India and the findings underscore the critical role technology plays in business strategy, from navigating the chaos of digital transformation to how they're setting their business up for future success. read more

PA Consulting Group: Retail is having to re-imagine itself. And fast.


The changing nature of the consumer. The power of social influencers on buying behaviour. Sustainability. Corporate transparency. Localisation. The increasing role technology and innovation will play across the retail and consumer packaged goods landscape. And of course, Brexit. These were the topics on the agenda when over 800 retail and consumer goods executives came together at the Consumer Goods Forum Annual Summit for three days in more

PwC: PwC: on the road to sustainable procurement


With a commitment to do what is right for clients, people, communities and the environment, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the business, and in particular it is important to the people who make decisions about what to purchase and who to purchase from – the procurement more

WIPRO: Why Data is Shaking up the Retail Marketing Role


Last month, a large electronics retailer announced it is folding marketing responsibilities into merchandising, and restructuring the marketing team under a different kind of CMO – its Chief Merchandising Officer. While the shift may have been motivated by cost reduction and to streamline the division, the change in roles also shows the important new relationship marketers and merchandisers have with one another. read more

PwC: AI Could Boost UK GDP by 10% by 2030


Research shows that AI demand could boost the UK GDP by up to 10% by 2030, with job gains in retail, healthcare and finance sectors.The evolution of artificial intelligence is likely to make the UK GDP almost 10% higher by 2030, which adds an extra £232bn to the current more

Decide when to get to the point and when to expand your presentation


In the main, presentations benefit from brevity and clarity. When time is limited you need to decide what’s essential for your clients or colleagues to know.Too much information may confuse them about what’s most important. Sometimes, however, you’ll find that your audience wants to know more about something you’ve said and you need to expand the point.

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Cognizant Opens New Collaboratory in London to Help Business Leaders Create Digital Economy Products, Customer Experiences, and Business Models


Today announced the opening of its new London Digital Business Collaboratory. The Collaboratory is an interactive work space that brings together a multi-disciplinary team of social scientists, design thinkers, creative technologists, engineers, and strategists to help organisations transform and reimagine their business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. read more

Deloitte: Nine competencies that can elevate the CIO to business leader


The modern CIO’s job description places equal emphasis on operational know-how, dynamic leadership, and practical business acumen. Our global CIO survey and interviews with CIOs and business stakeholders confirm that CIOs want to hone their leadership skills and develop new competencies to take on the role of business more

REPL Consulting: Gen Z will shop in-store as much as online


Retail must become more personalised, interactive and omni-channel by 2020, according to the findings of a new white paper, titled Future Trends in Consumer Behaviour, developed by global payment solutions firm, Acapture. The report explores the preferences of the youngest and largest set of digital native consumers – millennials and generation more

Infosys Consulting: Active.AI Joins Infosys Finacle’s growing FinTech Ecosystem


Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys , today announced a partnership with Active.AI, a Singapore based FinTech that offers an Enterprise AI platform for banks globally. The Active AI platform, integrated with Finacle, will help financial institutions offer conversational banking services through chat and voice based interfaces across their digital channels. Banks can leverage the joint solution to harness artificial intelligence to automate and enhance customer more

PA Consulting Group: Is succession planning dead?


The figures are in. 50% of occupations will be redundant by 2025, 47% of all jobs could be automated in the next 20 years and 44% of CEOs are dissatisfied with succession planning. So this begs the question – is succession planning dead?read more

Deloitte: Deloitte steers clear of diversity label in search of right environment


As we look for the company best creating a dedicated force to support women in business, Deloitte explains its unique approach to the constant challenge. Once again we’re opening up the First Women Awards for our readers to decide which company deserves the prestigious Business of the Year title. All shortlisted companies have spoken to First Women about efforts to further the gender more

PA Consulting Group: Why now is the time to appoint a chief agility officer


Most organisations now accept there is a need for greater business agility – to be able to respond to change in an effective and dynamic way, to increase the level of experimentation to trial new offerings more easily and to unlock their employees’ potential. However, organisational inertia is significant. The bureaucratic burden of established control mechanisms and governance all too often gets in the way and stifles the innovation more

PwC: Hogan Lovells launches financial regulatory consultancy with PwC director appointment


Hogan Lovells is set to offer advice through a new financial services regulatory consulting practice, hiring former PwC regulatory consulting practice director Steve Murphy to lead the business. Aimed at dealing with regulatory finance issues arising in relation to Brexit, the practice, launched today (4 July), will provide financial services companies with comprehensive legal, regulatory strategy and compliance more

PwC: PwC reports 13.7% gender pay gap


PwC has reported a 13.7% mean gender pay gap in information released under the government’s new regulations, which require companies with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay dataread more

PwC: Technological Breakthroughs


Digital change is constant, ubiquitous and fast. Little wonder that 51% of CEOs are now making significant changes in how they use technology to assess and deliver on wider stakeholder expectations[1]. There have been periods of intensive change in history before, of course. But unlike other periods of significant upheaval – the agricultural or industrial revolutions, for example – the digital revolution has no boundaries or borders. read more

Consulting offices look like their owners--and it isn’t helping women


Apparently, it’s true: People own dogs that look like themselves. A 2015 experiment revealed that by just looking at pooch and owner, it’s easy to match them up because their hairstyles and eye shape tend to be similar. Aside from wondering who on earth funds this sort of research, it made me think that there’s perhaps a parallel: Consulting firms’ offices tend to look like their owners writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research.

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Microsoft: “Microsoft has halved data it collects from Windows 10 users, says French privacy regulator”


Last summer, France's data protection commissioner, CNIL, criticized Microsoft for collecting an excessive amount of user data on Windows 10 PCs, and publicly ordered the company to "comply with the law within a period of three months." The data protection watchdog said that Microsoft "has reduced by almost half the volume of data collected under the "basic level" of its telemetry service", and that it now limits its collection of data to the bare minimums required "to maintain the system and applications in good working order and to ensure [users'] safety."read more