IBM: Transforming E&U operations with IoT


With the proliferation of smart meters and cheap sensors, energy and utilities companies are looking to technology as a catalyst for business change. Distributed power generation is eroding traditional revenue more

PA Consulting Group: Data driven healthcare is the new reality


Effective use of data should be at the heart of healthcare management. It should inform all planning, action and decision making. After all, using data to inform diagnoses, treatment planning and evaluation is at the cornerstone of how clinicians care effectively for patients. read more

PwC: Accelerating innovation through responsible AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as the defining technology of our age, with many industries already utilising AI in some form. Unleash the full potential of AI to transform your business model by offering transformational possibilities for consumers, businesses and society as a more

IBM: "IBM leaps to 3rd place in Cloud Wars," says Forbes


CLOUD WARS -- As businesses move beyond cloud experiments to deeply strategic deployments, the balance of power in the Cloud Wars Top 10 is shifting toward those tech providers that can move those business customers past the infrastructure phase and into the high-value realm of AI-driven competitive more

Moorhouse Consulting: Blockchain and Banking: 2B or not 2B


When you strip back the hype, blockchain is a form of database for recording digital transactions. Once entered, records become both permanent and immutable, creating an accurate and tamperproof history of transacted values – one of the reasons it has created so much interest, given the increasing focus on more

Unisys: The Ten Cybersecurity Commandments


Cybersecurity Awareness Month is, once again, upon us. At its core is an issue that can have a massive impact on organizations in every industry, public and private, large and small: successful cyberattacks and how to prevent them from happening in the first more

PwC: Inject VR /AR Into Your Marketing With PwC


The virtual reality market will be worth £72 billion by 2021, in the UK entertainment and media sector alone, according to PwC reports. With the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industry continuing to grow and develop across the world, keeping up with it all can be a bit of a more

PA Consulting Group: How will HR change in the world of AI?


The age of artificial intelligence is unfolding fast. Businesses are automating functions, from ordering parts and processing insurance claims, to maintaining machines and serving customers. They're seeing the chance to become more efficient and offer better service than the competition. For the board, it's a world of potentially rising revenues and bigger profits. But what about the people?read more

2016 proves to be a good year for Africa’s consulting market


2016 was a good year for Africa’s consulting market, with the continent’s 19 largest markets collectively growing 6.3 per cent to reach a total value of $2.19billion. This performance was achieved despite growth in GDP slowing in many African nations as economies continue to suffer because of low commodities prices and political uncertainty.

read more

PwC: The use of tax havens to avoid paying taxes will soon be 'unacceptable,' says PricewaterhouseCoopers


"Big Four"accountancy firm PWC has predicted the use of tax havens by companies and individuals to avoid paying tax will soon become "unacceptable." In an Asset & Wealth Management report released on Monday, PwC said the public was increasingly hostile towards those perceived to be not paying their "fair share" of tax, and that businesses would need to put more effort into tax transparency in more

Moorhouse Consulting: De-risking investment in innovation


In today’s competitive marketplace, firms are facing more short-term pressure than ever to maintain revenue parity, let alone demonstrate growth. As a result, they are less willing to invest in fostering innovation. It is a common fear that focusing on innovation can lead to a lack of attention on current business activity and therefore have a detrimental effect on business as more

Regus Opens New Aylesbury Centre


Global workspace provider Regus has opened a new location in Aylesbury. This latest opening further demonstrates the increased demand for flexible workspace in Aylesbury and beyond. read more

PwC: The 2017 Global Innovation 1000 study


In the latest Strategy& Global Innovation 1,000 study a majority of respondents said a continued trend toward economic nationalism would have a significant or moderate effect on their R&D more

Encouraging Good Mental Health in the Workplace


This year’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2017 focused on Mental Health in the workplace - a major issue faced by employers today, but one that can start to be addressed by creating an open culture in the workplace, according to Laura Davis, Managing Director of Hampshire-based HR Consultancy, Reality HR. read more

PwC: Young Workers Index 2017


This year’s update of our Young Workers Index shows that the OECD has continued to make progress on a number of key indicators of youth empowerment. Switzerland, Iceland and Germany continue to lead the OECD, taking the top positions on the more

Unisys: How to Get Started with Big Data


Data is really important. How important is it? Working, manipulating, and analysing data is now pushing forward several technologies, including AI, robotics process automation, neural networks, advanced automation and orchestration, and much more. Big data is allowing business to make better decisions impacting both the user and the overall more