Want to know how to double the size of your analytics consulting business?


Markets are what you make of them. Henry Ford knew it when he introduced the “any colour so long as it’s black” Model T Ford. Faberge knew it when he produced the first of his brilliant, bejewelled eggs. Big or small, high value or low cost: We get to decide, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research... read more

PwC: Explainable AI


Artificial Intelligence is growing in sophistication, complexity and autonomy. Opening up transformational opportunities for business and society. At the same time, it makes explainability ever more critical.read more

Data & analytics: how to convince clients you offer something more


In a recent report, Intelligent Analytics:Threats and opportunities in the global analytics market, reveals that, collectively, consulting firms currently only have a 25% share of the analytics market. The remaining 75% is being done in-house, by clients themselves, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research... read more

IBM: SpaceX to blast off IBM's Al Cimon into space


Waves of technology-driven change now regularly disrupt industry, culture and society. The challenge of navigating this turbulence grows increasingly complex, requiring deep examination of overlapping trajectories in search of hidden insights.read more

IBM: IBM takes Watson to Wimbledon


IBM is hoping to apply a mix of behavioural analytics to tennis matches at this year's Wimbledon tournament to automatically build video highlights reels. The company will use its Watson AI engine to recognise a player's emotions and combine this with crowd noise and player movements to curate a highlights reel for viewers.read more

BBC: Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?


We're at an unprecedented point in human history where artificially intelligent machines could soon be making decisions that affect many aspects of our lives. But what if we don't know how they reached their decisions? Would it matter?read more

IBM: Two women teamed up to build IBM's new supercomputer — and they've been a powerhouse pair for years


IBM's newly minted Summit supercomputer can run an estimated 200,000 trillion calculations per second with stunning accuracy, making it the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Equally remarkable are the two women who helped create the project: Hillery Hunter and Stefanie Chiras represent each of the two IBM divisions behind the Summit supercomputer. The project took four years and thousands of engineers.read more

Tribal Newchurch: What happens when teaching is no longer restrained to the classroom?


The need for more learner-centred systems (over institution and educator dictated systems) is growing. After all, digital natives demand flexible and tailored services – their apps and lifestyle tools are increasingly 24/7 and accessible from smart devices. Cloud-based apps are loved by resident students, blended students and distance students alike: students are empowered.read more

Seizing the benefits of AI and IoT through data security


As artificial intelligence and IoT applications are becoming more prominent, businesses must consider how to best process and analyse such data. Think of the countless business efficiencies and consumer-centric conveniences that have been offered up by the connected home or smart city. However, this new era of connectivity has introduced disruption for many businesses.read more

Microsoft: Kainos in the Spotlight: UK Country Partner of the Year 2018


It’s that time of year again - the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, where we showcase the excellence that our partners have demonstrated over the past year by showcasing them across the globe, and we’d like to further congratulate our 2018 UK Country Partner of the Year, Kainos, on their fantastic award.read more

PA Consulting Group: Taking digital public services further, faster


In just two decades, the world has drastically changed. Amazon launched, the first iPhone hit the shelves, and Government Digital Service (GDS) was founded. These are just a few of the digital revolutions that have been released across the public and private sectors in that time. And the pace of change is increasing. It feels like we’re entering a new era of digital.read more

ThoughtWorks: ThoughtWorks Launches Gauge – A Free and Open Source Test Automation Framework


ThoughtWorks, a global software and digital transformation consultancy, today announced the free availability of its newest open source product, Gauge. Available to download for free, Gauge was built to make test automation easy and to help organisations of all sizes on their journey towards continuous delivery. Gauge creates acceptance tests in any language, integrated development environment or ecosystemread more

PA Consulting Group: How to transform your organisation through sustained innovation


Organisations feel threatened in this constantly shifting world. Innovation is critical to survival, but it’s tough to keep pace with disruptive challenges. At PA, though, we believe in a positive human future – established organisations have the people to sustain innovation that will see them flourish. So, how do you turn business as usual into innovation as usual?read more

Artificial Intelligence demystified


It’s just one small step from a self-driving car to AIs taking over the world and the “end of days” dystopias that Hollywood has popularised in a number of recent films. According to Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Helen Calle, of Fast Future this is, at least, what some would have us believe.

read more

Microservices: How the future of consulting may start small


In 1610, after months of painstaking work grinding his own lens, Galileo Galilei finally held his new telescope up to the night sky. What he saw astonished him: instead of a few hundred stars, he could see thousands, even millions, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research...

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Capgemini Consulting: New business models in property and casualty insurance


Today’s consumers have become accustomed to the transparency, quality, and service speed of firms such as Amazon and Google and now expect similar flexibility and accessibility from their insurance providers. It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more insurers are leveraging technological advancements such as telematics, robo advisors, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience.read more

REPL Consulting: Understanding the Power of Retail Technology for your Business


In the rollercoaster world of retail, never has a truer word been spoken. Stand still and you won’t just get left behind, you could disappear completely. Look no further than Toys R Us, Maplin and Multiyork: big names that will be best remembered as high street casualties. In the current climate, profitability challenges can be found down every aisle...read more

Automation Will Make Lifelong Learning a Necessary Part of Work


President Emmanuel Macron together with many Silicon Valley CEOs will kicked off the VivaTech conference in Paris with the aim of showcasing the “good” side of technology. Our research highlights some of those benefits, especially the productivity growth and performance gains that automation and artificial intelligence can bring to the economy — and to society more broadly, if these technologies are used to tackle major issues such as fighting disease and tackling climate change. But we also note some critical challenges that need to be overcome. Foremost among them: a massive shift in the skills that we will need in the workplace in the future.read more

How AI Is Helping Improve Employee Experiences


If the use of artificial intelligence in building top customer experiences has been well documented, its use in developing top employee experiences has, to a large extent, been overlooked. However, with the leadership in many organisation beginning to realise that better employee experiences result in better customer engagement with the organisation, they are now starting to look at their employee experiences and how to improve it.read more